Starfield Constellation guide

Everything you need to know about the Starfield Constellation faction, including what they stand for, significant members, and where they’re based.

The Starfield Constellation logo on a blurred background. The logo has several stars in a pyramid pattern, with a red planet underneath to simulate space and the stars.

Who is the Starfield Constellation faction? Compared to all the other groups in the galaxy, Constellation is the most secretive of the established organizations. They have an almost mythical status among the people of the settled systems and consider themselves the last of the true explorers.

Constellation is the main one of the many Starfield factions that you’ll become a member of during the campaign. Joining this faction doesn’t mean that you can’t also join one of the others, including the pirates of the Crimson Fleet, the megacorp of Ryujin Industries, and the space western members of Freestar Collective. Here we have all the information on Constellation; if any Starfield traits can help, and info about significant members and what the faction stands for.

Starfield Constellation faction: Some explorers entering a cave covered in roots and dust.

Who is the Constellation faction?

Outwardly, Constellation isn’t a major player in Starfield. From the offset of the official teaser trailer, players are informed that “you’re part of Constellation now. Part of our family. What you’ve found is the key to unlocking everything.”

Constellation’s logo and color palette also feature heavily throughout the content released. It’s a circle badge using blue with white dots at the top and a semicircle of yellow, orange, and red at the bottom, and judging by the amount they use it, it’s pretty important and represents the organization.

Constellation is assembling an unknown alien artifact after finding parts during their exploration. They have a thirst for knowledge, and a bank account to back it up.

The player in an astronaut suit is approaching the headquarters of Starfield Constellation faction.

Where is Constellation based?

One of Starfield’s most distinct locations is the city of New Atlantis. As well as being the home to another of the game’s factions, the United Colonies, New Atlantis is also the home of Constellation’s headquarters, as well as a couple of smaller factions that you can join right from the start of the game. Well, that’s provided you pick the right traits: Raised Enlightened will allow you to enter the House of the Enlightened in New Atlantis, while Raised Universal will allow you to enter the Sanctum Universum.

New Atlantis is found on the planet Jemison, which is based in the Alpha Centauri solar system. With over 1,000 Starfield planets, Jemison is just one of the many, many places players can visit and explore.

The player in a spacesuit has entered the Starfield Constellation headquarters inside a library with a display table in the center. He is talking to Sarah, who is wearing a maroon leather jacket, while other members talk to each other in the background.

Who are the members of Constellation?

There’s an “adventurer, scientist, explorer, and a friendly face,” Barrett, one of the many Starfield companions, is one of the first members you meet on your adventure. Barrett has a “…deep fascination with the universe [which fuels] his travels all over the galaxy and in pursuit of knowledge and new experiences.”  He was previously a UC physicist but prefers to explore the universe and learn in the field.

Then there’s Sarah Morgan, who speaks on behalf of all members of Constellation as the group’s leader. She is also a veteran of the Colony War, and despite only being a navigator, saw significant combat. As such, “the trauma she experienced in battle is something she carries with her to this day.” She has since devoted her life to exploration and uncovering new wonders, finding purpose at Constellation.

Other core members of Constellation include Matteo, a theologian who believes that something unknown is out there waiting to be discovered. Sarah also has a protege, Noel, who is already a scientist with extraordinary talents. We also have Walter, a very successful businessman as the co-owner of Stroud-Eklund. He acts as the group’s financier and has a passion for exploration.

Vlad is an ex-pirate who has great piloting knowledge, while Sam Coe is a former space cowboy who is now raising a child in space. Sam is a descendant of Solomon Coe, who founded the Freestar Collective and inherits a strong sense of justice.

We also have Andreja. She’s a new recruit who hails from the farthest reaches of space and is  “…a bit of a mystery to everyone. Nobody knows where she’s coming from, and where she’s going.” She is an expert navigator, however, and Vlad is helping her adapt to her new surroundings as he comes from a similar walk of life.

Finally, there’s the robot Vasco. He’s Constellation’s expeditionary robot that dons Constellation’s red and white livery. Lead artist Istvan Pely describes him as “a utilitarian, heavy industrial machine well suited to the rigors of space travel.” Kitted out with survival gear and the ability to transverse different terrain – he’s a peaceful soul, but he has got the armor to defend himself, should he need to.

Finally, there’s you. You begin your adventure as a spacefarer, and you can customize your look to your heart’s desires in the Starfield character creation section.

Noel is one of the core members of the Starfield Constellation faction. Here we see her doing some research in a laboratory.

How to join Constellation

Luckily, Constellation is one faction you don’t need to worry too much about fulfilling any specific conditions to join. This is because the endeavors of Constellation tie into the main story, so as long as you’re completing these quests, you can join this faction. Bethesda Game Studios is also offering players the opportunity to sign up for Constellation on the official website.

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