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Here’s how to hit level 100 in Starfield in five hours

If you're looking to level up your Starfield character quickly so that you can venture out into the interstellar beyond, you can get to level 100 in five hours.

Here's how to hit level 100 in Starfield in five hours: A shocked looking black man with a goatee wearing a khaki cap with Al and Co elemental signs next to him

If you’re looking to check out the vast expanse of space in Starfield but keep finding that you’re just too low level to take on its challenges, I have some good news for you. Using a nifty little trick with Starfield outposts, you can actually hit level 100 in around five hours, cutting out dozens of hours of grinding in Bethesda’s colossal space game.

Getting the best Starfield weapons and Starfield materials often requires you to be pretty high level. Given there’s so much to do and so little time, you may be looking to expedite that leveling process so that you can zip around the galaxy without any barriers.

Well, YouTuber Patrick ‘Maka91’ Maka has found a way to level your character to one hundred in as little as five hours – with the latter climb from 50 to 100 only taking around an hour to complete. It all relies on building the right outposts in the right spots, but it’s well worth the trouble.

After sorting out a few prerequisites, set course for the Narion system, then go to Andraphon, one of Sumati’s moons. You’ll want to land in one of the craters between the Iron deposits and mountains, then create an outpost. Place six aluminum extractors on the relevant vein, then another six iron ones, prep your outpost, then watch the resources roll in.

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Next, you’ll want to go to Venus in the Sol system (hey, that’s where we are!) and set up another outpost. You’ll need the Planetary Habitation skill, otherwise you’ll get crushed flat and burned alive by the planet’s atmosphere – not a good way to go. Here, set up an outpost in an area where you can extract both Nickel and Cobalt.

With the full system in place, you can get from level 50 to 100 in around an hour, but of course there’s a little more time required to set up the outposts perfectly – especially the first one. Either way, that’s a quick way to earn a lot of XP.

If you’re planning on making use of this nifty little trick, make sure you have all of the right Starfield skills locked in. It’s also worth checking out which Starfield traits work the best if you’re planning on creating a whole new character and leveling them from scratch.

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