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All Starfield materials, resources, and where to find them

This growing list of all the Starfield materials, resources, items, and ingredients will be imperative to your current and future crafting endeavors.

How do you get Starfield materials and resources? There’s a long list of the goods below, and just like space itself, it’s likely far from being fully documented. Crafting recipes and research requirements are laid bare for all to see, which makes naming the lot much easier. Finding them? That’s a whole other story. We’re trying our best out here.

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All Starfield materials and resources so far

The following Starfield materials have been discovered spread across dozens of planets throughout the galaxy. Their listed locations are not exhaustive by any stretch. They’re merely guidelines set from the places we first discovered them:

Material Symbol Location (planet/moon)
Water H20 Jemison, Zamka
Chlorine Cl Jemison
Lead Pb Jemison
Argon Ar Jemison, Chawla
Chrlorosilanes SiH3Cl Jemison, Gamow
Helium He-3 Kurtz, Grissom
Aluminium Al Kurtz
Nickle Ni Bondar, Zamka
Tungsten W Bondar
Platinum Pt Bondar
Xenon Xe Bondar
Iron Fe Grissom, Zamka
Copper Cu Zamka
Vanadium V Zamka
Cobalt Co Zamka
Uranium U Zamka
Dysprosium Dy Zamka
Benzene C6Hn Niira
Beryllium Be Magnar
Silver Ag Magnar
Fluorine F Coulomb
Ytterbium Yb Volt
Lithium Li Gamow
Alkanes HnCn Gamow
Neodymium Nd Bode
Tetraflourides xF4 Augur
Ionic Liquids IL Niira
Europium Eu Andraphon
Cesium Cs Dalvik
Plutonium Pu Grimsey 
Iridium Ir Grimsey
Neodymium Nd Gryphus
Neon Ne Kreet
Carboxylic Acids R-COOH Codos
Gold Au Stellis A
Palladium Pd Stellis D
Mercury Hg Skink
Titanium Ti Helio
Antimony Sb Muphrid VI-d
Cesium Cs Muphrid VIII-b
Tantalum TA Nesoi

The orbital view of a planet, showing the Starfield materials available on it.

How do I find Starfield materials?

You can find Starfield materials simply by selecting a planet or moon from the map screen. If you’re close enough, you can scan the surface, populating the list on the left with the resources natural to it.

Once scanned, you’ll be able to use the ‘Show Resources’ prompt to get a topographical view of the big space rock. The colors of the planet’s terrain will match the color of the resource listed in the scan results.

Wen Tseng is the main contact at the UC Distribution Center where you can buy some Starfield materials.

Where can I buy Starfield materials?

Believe it or not, buying many rare Starfield materials is the simplest way to get hold of some easy resources. You need to talk to Wen Tseng at the UC Distribution Center in Starfield New Atlantis, which is relatively close to both the Commercial District and MAST stations. Becoming a UC citizen by completing the Vanguard Starfield missions will also get you a discount on these base prices. After selling out of a particular resource, you’ll need to wait an in-game week for Wen’s supply to restock.

Here are the Starfield materials you can buy at the UC Distribution Center:

Material Credit value per unit Starting unit quantity
Aldumite 68 4
Argon 4 22
Benzene 15 23
Beryllium 9 22
Carboxylic Acids 9 16
Chlorine 4 24
Copper 8 24
Dysprosium 45 13
Fluorine 9 21
Helium-3 4 23
Ionic Liquids 18 15
Iridium 11 22
Lead 8 23
Lithium 11 20
Mercury 17 20
Neodymium 16 20
Neon 12 14
Palladium 20 14
Platinum 19 17
Plutonium 51 16
Silver 16 20
Tantalum 18 19
Tetrafluorides 14 19
Titanium 9 18
Uranium 11 20
Vytinium 93 6
Water 3 28
Xenon 21 15
Ytterbium 30 13

How do I gather Starfield materials?

The cheapest way to gather Starfield materials is through the method the game teaches you at the very beginning — mining with the Cutter.

Once you’ve found a planet harboring the material you want and flown close enough, you can use the Scan feature to create a terrain map showing exactly where those materials can be found. The color of the planet’s terrain from the map screen will match the color of the resource listed in the scan results.

All you have to do then is land as close as you can, look for the rocky material outcrop, and use your Cutter to crack it open. This won’t work for any gas elements as you need to build Starfield outposts to extract them, but it will for smaller solid minerals.

A modified screenshot highlighting how to spot rare Starfield materials from the map.

What are the dots about Starfield materials on the map?

You’ll notice that some planets include materials like Titanium and Antimony. These also have small dots above their symbols, ranging from one dot to three.

These dots depict the material’s rarity, which inadvertently dictates the level of skill you need to harvest them. Starfield materials on the map screen always go from left to right in terms of rarity: Rare, Exotic, and Unique.

Rarer materials (those with more dots) are always featured on the right side. Knowing that will make scanning the galaxy for them much easier. Scanning a planet’s terrain won’t show the location of rare materials without the appropriate Starfield skills like Scanning.

A screenshot of the Geology skill used to gather more rare Starfield materials like Titanium.

How can I get more rare Starfield materials?

You can unlock and upgrade certain Starfield skills to increase your yield when harvesting materials like organic and inorganic materials. If you want more minerals, aim for Geology. Harvesting flora for medicines? Go for Botany. 

What are Starfield materials used for?

Starfield materials like Copper, Aluminum, and Silver are used to craft items and complete research projects. Precious metals are often used on the Industrial Workbench to make Outpost equipment, with a selection of minerals, materials, and items used to discover and apply mods for use in armor and weapon crafting.

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