State of Decay 2 celebrates 3 million players with Independence Day DLC


The survivors in State of Decay 2 are usually pretty bummed out, and honestly, who can blame them? They’re trying to squeak by in a ravaged world crawling with undead horrors. They have a couple reasons to celebrate now, though – for one, Undead Labs announced that State of Decay 2 now has 3 million players, and for two, American Independence Day is this week.

To mark these events, there’s a new DLC out called the Independence Pack, which appropriately enough features Revolutionary War costumes (for zombies) and a trio of over-the-top vehicles for survivors. And naturally, there are four brand new fireworks, which we Americans use to celebrate the birth of our country for some reason.

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The new vehicles are all pretty distinctive. There’s the decidely un-vegan Meatwagon, which sports a pair of longhorns on the hood and a USDA-stamped raw steak skin. Then there’s the Pyrohawk, a hatchback painted with an A-10 Warthog theme. And obviously, you’ve got the ultra-patriotic Burninator, a beefy variant of the Rams 5 pickup with a firey eagle paint job.

In the spirit of July 4th, the Pyrohawk and Burninator spew fireworks in a way that combines red-blooded American patriotism with green-blooded zombie incineration. To activate them, just honk the horn. The fireworks will knock off any zeds hanging onto the vehicle, but bear in mind that this will draw from the fuel tank. The Burninator drops hunks of meat out of the back doors, which will lure zombies away from you – very handy in sticky situations with roaming hordes. You’ll also get a selection of new ranged and melee weapons.

The Independence Pack is $5 and available in the Microsoft Store, although it’s free if you have the Ultimate Edition. But if you don’t feel like picking up the pack, you’re still getting some new content with Content Update 2, which is out now. It adds 20 new missions, a nice selection of new weapons, and a “Rare Books” trader who shows up every few days to offer some new skill books for trade.

The patch also addresses some performance issues and bugs, and adds a motion blur toggle switch. Harry’s main complaint about State of Decay 2 was the presence of annoying and sometimes game-breaking bugs, so this is all welcome news.