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State of Decay 2 studio says 20GB patch is “just the beginning”

State of decay 2 zombie types

State of Decay 2 has a lot going for it, but it launched with some pretty serious bugs – crashes, memory leaks, and bizarre clipping issues that only became more pronounced in the game’s multiplayer mode. Undead Labs have been working on addressing these, and they’ve pushed out a 20GB patch that’s geared toward improving connectivity, stability, and in-game quality of life.

The high-order fixes in patch 1.2 are geared at game stability and netcode optimization. Odd things could happen while driving vehicles in multiplayer, and that’s been addressed. Out of Memory crashes shouldn’t be an issue any more, and overall interactions between clients and hosts should be a lot less weird now.

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Undead Labs have also gone through and fixed some general gameplay bugs, like one that would cause grenades to blow up in the vicinity of your head while throwing them, which is never ideal. They’ve tweaked flashlights to eliminate some shadow flickering issues, and fixed a bug that made open doors appear to be closed and vice versa.

The team has also done a pass on collision detection across all three maps, so characters and vehicles have fewer places to get stuck in level geometry now, which is certainly a welcome change. You can check out the full patch notes here.

In his State of Decay 2 review, Harry said the game’s fun and innovative ideas were held back by some irritating design decisions and pervasive bugs and performance issues. Hopefully this patch will offer a course correction some of those fronts.

Undead Labs studio head Jeff Strain included a personal note with the patch, thanking players for trying the game and promising more to come.

“We have big plans for State of Decay 2, and we’re humbled and appreciative to you for giving us the opportunity to make those big plans happen,” he wrote. “Keep playing, keep surviving (or not, as sometimes happens), and stay tuned for more good stuff.”