GPD Win 4 Steam Deck rival spec leaks hint at faster AMD APU

The GPD Win 4 is an upcoming Steam Deck rival that looks like a PSP, but spec leaks suggest it'll come equipped with a beefier AMD 6800U APU

Steam Deck competitor: GPD Win 4 handheld gaming PC on AMD space backdrop

Specs for the upcoming GPD Win 4 Steam Deck competitor have leaked, and the handheld gaming PC seemingly packs a punchier AMD APU. It also appears to boast a highly higher resolution screen than Valve’s portable powerhouse, but there’s no word on whether it’ll match the Deck approachable price point.

According to YouTuber Cary Golomb, the GPD Win 4 Steam Deck rival comes equipped with an AMD 6800U APU, 16GB or 32GB of LPDDR5-6400 gaming RAM, up to 32GB of SSD storage, and a six-inch 1080p display. On paper, the 6800U RDNA 2 APU is twice as fast as Valve’s custom Aerith chip, featuring boost clock speeds up to 4.7GHz.

It’s worth noting that just like the Steam Deck, the GDP Win 4 APU will apparently be limited to 15W. However, Golomb says that the device is still about 20% faster than Valve’s machine, so you’ll likely be able to boost fps on the go even further using the competing handheld.

Of course, great power requires more power, and the GPD Win 4 will supposedly sip on a 45.62Wh battery. Comparatively, the Steam Deck’s capacity measures in at 40Wh, but increased specs could balance that particular playing field.

Steam Deck competitor: GPD Win 4 handheld gaming PC on white backdrop
Image credit: Cary Golomb

Looks like a PSP, hits like a Steam Deck

The GPD Win 4 first popped up a few weeks ago, and the device looks almost like a PSP or PS Vita successor. Yet, it’s actually got a slick trick up its sleeve, as there’s a qwerty keyboard stowed away under its slidey screen. In other words, you won’t have to worry about using on-screen keyboards, even if you end up using the mechanism like a fidget toy.

Whether the GPD Win 4 will become a true Steam Deck challenger remains to be seen, as price is still firmly on Valve’s side. It also isn’t the only company competing for a slide of portable gaming PC pie, as rivals like Ayaneo Next 2 and Onexplayer will soon join the fight for the handheld throne. That said, we may also be getting a Steam Deck 2 soon, so the storefront giant’s time at the top might not be so short-lived.