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Is League of Legends Steam Deck compatible?

LoL is a phenomenon that helped esports ascend beyond hardcore audiences and into the maintsteam, but can you play this MOBA on the go?

League of Legends Steam Deck compatible

Is League of Legends Steam Deck compatible? If you want to play LoL without needing a gaming PC or laptop, you will be better off sticking to Wild Rift on mobile rather than getting it to run on the Steam Deck. That’s not to say it isn’t possible, but the setup process is convoluted, and the control layout is a pain to adjust.

Given that the League of Legends system requirements call for around 16GB in free space, you won’t need one of the best MicroSD cards for your Steam Deck to get it installed.

Is League of Legends Steam Deck compatible?

Yes, League of Legends can be played on the Steam Deck, but the process to get the game running may be more hassle than it’s worth, especially if you plan to use native controls.

While LoL has no official Steam Deck verification due to its exclusive availability through the Riot Client, you can get the game running in several ways.

The first – and most complicated – way to install League of Legends on the Steam Deck is done by altering the Linux OS and installing additional APIs and packages before running it via the Litrus platform. Even when League is eventually running, mapping the controls to make the game playable in handheld mode will be a nightmare not worth enduring.

On the other end of the scale, it would be easier to dual-boot Windows onto your Steam Deck via a microSD card, dock your console, and attach a mouse and keyboard to experience the game in a somewhat familiar way to the standard PC setup. Granted, if you don’t have access to a gaming PC or laptop, this makes for quite a good alternative that we’d happily support given the Steam Deck is more than capable of good performance in League of Legends.

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