Get this 1.5TB microSD deal for your Steam Deck while you still can

Upgrading the storage of your Steam Deck or Nintendo Switch just got cheaper thanks to a very limited supply deal on Amazon, so act fast.

Sandisk MicroSD deal amazon

If you need extra storage for your Steam Deck or Nintendo Switch, Amazon has a great limited quantity deal that you need to jump on. Sandisk 1.5TB microSD cards are 20% off right now, with an unspecified limited number available.

The Sandisk Ultra is among the best microSD cards for Steam Deck and Nintendo Switch, and 1.5TB can be very helpful for getting more games installed on your favorite consoles.

Dropping back down to its lowest-ever price of $119.99 for the first time since Black Friday, the Sandisk Ultra 1.5TB is a great way to give you much-needed additional storage on the Steam Deck, Nintendo Switch, ROG Ally, and just about any other handheld gaming PC.

As is the case with some limited deals on Amazon, you can see a percentage that represents how close the deal is to being sold through, and at the time of writing it sits at 27%.

The Sandisk Ultra is a step down from the Extreme cards, which offer the fastest read and write speeds, but both are great options for adding storage to portable gaming consoles and unless you were doing a side-by-side comparison, the speed differences should be too noticeable.

If the deal on the Sandisk Ultra 1.5TB cards sells through before you have a chance to check it out, fear not, as the Sandisk Extreme 1TB card is currently on sale for $97.95, a 7% saving over the full price, but getting an extra 1TB storage for less than $100 is still a great deal considering you’re buying from one of the better microSD brands on the market.

If you manage to secure your new microSD card, check out the best Steam Deck games you need to play on Valve’s portable powerhouse.