Valve finally deems Multiversus Playable on Steam Deck

Multiversus is finally classed as Playable on Steam Deck, as Valve has updated the Smash Bros inspired game's compatibility status on the handheld gaming PC

Steam Deck: Harley Quinn from Multiversus on screen with stage backdrop

Multiversus has finally earned its Steam Deck stripes, as the Warner Bros franchise fighting game is now labelled as ‘Playable’ on the Valve storefront. While it looks like Smash Bros inspired brawler will miss out on Verified status, for now, its newfound compatibility status should help more players beat up Batman on the go.

The Multiversus Steam Deck Playable label now lives on the right hand of the game’s Steam Page, and clicking ‘learn more’ provides insight into the Valve verdict. According to the gaming PC giant, players may need to manually access the portable’s on-screen keyboard during gameplay – a caveat that currently keeps it from obtaining Verified status.

To dive into the wacky world of Multiversus, you need to sign into a WB Games account. The login page includes a QR code, which means you don’t necessarily have to type details directly into the Steam Deck. However, if you do choose to do everything on the Deck, you’ll potentially need to press the ‘Steam’ and ‘X’ button simultaneously to make the on-screen keyboard pop up. You could also plug in a gaming keyboard using a Steam Deck dock, but that might defeat the purpose of portability.

It’s worth noting that Multiversus works great on Steam Deck, and its new Playable label is more Valve just helpfully stating the obvious. It’s also still early days for the ridiculous film and TV romp, so there’s a chance it’ll eventually move onto Valve’s Verified list. Not that it really matters, but if you only want to play games that are deemed ‘Great on Deck’, it’ll help add a bit of confidence to your experience.

Steam Deck compatibility aside, the official Multiversus release date has been delayed indefinitely, and you’ll need to wait a little longer for new tier list characters like Morty (from Rick and Morty). If you’re eagerly awaiting Season one to kick off, this will be a bit of a bummer, but it’s still the closest thing we’ll get to Smash Bros on PC. You can even play Multiversus using a Gamecube controller, which makes the whole affair feel even more like the iconic Nintendo mashup.