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Remastered classic Star Wars FPS gets official Steam Deck status

One of the most acclaimed Star Wars games ever released, Dark Forces, is heading to the Steam Deck following confirmation from the developer.

Star Wars Dark Forces Steam Deck verification

The long-awaited Star Wars Dark Forces remaster is due for release next month, but its Steam Deck status has already been confirmed. Full verification has been given by Valve, and it’s great to see this news reported long before release, rather than leaving it as a release day reveal.

The best Steam Deck games all wear the verified badge of honor as it indicates that the game should run natively on Valve’s pocket powerhouse with next to no adjustment needed. Now, we know that Star Wars Dark Forces remastered has also earned this verification, which should get fans excited ahead of its release.

Dark Forces Steam Deck verified

While plenty of improvements have been made by Nightdive Studios, earning Steam Deck verification, or at the very least, a playable rating, never seemed like too difficult a task.

The original game currently sits as playable with no Steam Deck-specific adjustments having been made while many other classic Star Wars games are still yet to be given any official rating.

Given that Steam Deck owners are always keen to see more verified titles added to the store, on top of the 13,000+ playable games, there is often an anxious wait to find out whether or not a game has earned the green tick.

Star Wars Dark Forces remastered will be a nostalgia trip for many, but it will also help bring one of the most unique Star Wars games to a whole new audience. It sometimes seems like Knights of the Old Republic is the game that hogs the limelight when talking about classic Star Wars titles, but this FPS game earned widespread critical acclaim upon its release back in 1995.

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