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Tekken 8 Steam Deck compatibility and settings

Early signs suggest that Tekken 8 could be a fine addition to your Steam Deck library, but we're still awaiting an official Valve rating.

Tekken 8 Steam Deck

Is Tekken 8 Steam Deck compatible? The Fighting Game Community ate well in 2023 with both Street Fighter 6 and Mortal Kombat 1 releasing to high praise, but now it’s the turn of Tekken. With the game finally available on Steam, we can see how Tekken 8 will run on the Steam Deck, even if we’re still waiting for an official rating.

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Is Tekken 8 Steam Deck compatible?

Tekken 8 is currently rated as ‘Unknown’ by Valve, but the game does run well on the Steam Deck if you use the right settings and compatibility tool.

To get Tekken 8 running on Steam Deck you must first force compatibility for the Proton Hotfix, this will download when you next boot the game. From there, you can head into the game and amend your settings.

Best Tekken 8 settings for Steam Deck

Here are the best Tekken 8 graphics settings for Steam Deck:

  • Screen Mode: Borderless
  • Resolution: 1280×800
  • V-Sync: On
  • Variable Scaling Rate: Off
  • Resolution Scale: Off
  • Upscaling: AMD FSR 2 Quality
  • Anti-Aliasing: Low
  • Shadow Quality: Low
  • Texture Quality: Medium
  • Effect Quality: Low
  • Post-Processing Quality: Low
  • Background Quality: Low

Tekken 8 graphics settings for Steam Deck

The above settings resulted in largely stable gameplay anywhere between 50 and 60 fps. Tekken 8 is capped at 60 fps for gameplay, so there is no need to try and push for a higher performance number.

Depending on your preferences, you could limit your Steam Deck FPS down to 30 and aim for higher graphical fidelity, but we believe the above settings already offer a good balance of performance and visual quality.

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