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Is War Thunder Steam Deck compatible?

Taking War Thunder with you on the move is simple as it holds the highest possible rating from Valve for its Steam Deck compatability.

War Thunder Steam Deck

Is War Thunder Steam Deck compatible? It can be tricky for developers to gain the Verified rating from Valve for Steam Deck compatibility. Still, War Thunder not only owns this badge of honor but goes above and beyond to run very well on the portable system.

Steam recommends that you have 95GB of storage space available for War Thunder, so you may want to invest in one of the best MicroSD cards for the Steam Deck to ensure you have ample space.

Is War Thunder Steam Deck compatible?

Yes! War Thunder currently holds the highest possible Steam Deck rating of  ‘Verified’. There are no reported issues with running the game on Steam Deck at this time. 

When you download War Thunder onto your Steam Deck, the performance is more than admirable. You can expect to run the game on global high settings with almost no performance issues.

Granted, War Thunder isn’t exactly at Alan Wake 2’s level of detail, but it’s far from an ugly game. If you want to try and push to maximum graphical settings, this is where you’re likely to experience some performance drawbacks.

Slowdown will occur when you encounter enemies or general combat situations, whether you’re fighting via land, sea, or air. Given that the increased settings are likely to require a larger power draw, thus draining your Steam Deck battery faster, you’re far better off sticking to the global high presets.

It comes as no surprise that one of the best free PC games has made an effort to ensure it is Steam Deck optimized, but War Thunder is a great way to test out what one of the best PC handhelds is capable of.

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