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Is WWE 2K24 Steam Deck compatible?

Can the lastest wrestling sim from 2K perform on Valve's gaming handheld? An official rating is yet to be given, but early signs are positive.

WWE 2K24 Steam Deck compatibility

Is WWE 2K24 Steam Deck compatible? Another year, another chance at glory as you run through 40 years’ worth of Wrestlemania moments from across generations. But can you enjoy the roughhousing if you plan to play via Valve’s portable powerhouse?

In our WWE 2K24 review, we praise a lot of the work done by 2K in recent years, but point out some obvious gaps that still need to be filled, sooner rather than later. It’s not one of the best sports games on PC, but with a few crucial updates, there’s no reason it can’t crack our list. Thanks to the super low WWE 2K24 system requirements, the Steam Deck is an ideal destination for this grappling sim.

Is WWE 2K24 Steam Deck compatible?

WWE 2K24 is rated as playable on Steam Deck by Valve. The primary note for not earning verification is down to graphical glitches in the menu, and small in-game text. 

There was some initial concern that WWE 2K24 would be unsupported, just like its predecessor. Instead, while not ideal due to some graphical glitching in menus and some text being a little small for the Steam Deck screen, WWE 2K24 can be played on the Steam Deck, and with decent performance too!

Even if the game does end up with a verified rating, we will know that in its current state, WWE 2K24 is playable and still a great experience. We expect it is unlikely to reach a fully verified state due to the text size, but we would like to see the menu glitches fixed sooner rather than later.

Best Steam Deck settings for WWE 2K24

The graphics settings are a little hidden on WWE 2K24. You’ll need to head to the “Options” area, then select “Extras”, then finally “Graphics Settings”. The in-game benchmark is also in this sub-menu and runs a six-man Hell in a Cell match for around two minutes to test performance.

Here are the best graphics settings for WWE 2K24 on Steam Deck:

  • Texture Quality: Standard
  • VSync: Yes
  • Action Camera fps: 30
  • Shadows: On
  • Shadow Quality: Low
  • Shader Quality: Low
  • Anti-Alias: TAA
  • Reflections: Low
  • Dynamic Upscaling: AMD FSR 1
  • Sharpness: 5
  • Depth of Field: Off
  • Motion Blur: Off
  • Audience Density: 80
  • Multi-Superstar Performance Mode: Off

These settings returned a benchmark test grade of A, with an average fps of 58.2, a minimum fps of 22.6, and a maximum of 81.6. Ultimately, the maximum number means very little as the game is capped at 60fps during gameplay like most fighting games are.

WWE 2K24 running on the Steam Deck

WWE 2K24 runs on the Steam Deck at a solid 60fps more often than not outside of the benchmark, which is the official cap during gameplay, with around 60% CPU usage and 90% GPU usage. Battery life is quite poor in the game, with a 100% to 80% drain time of just under 30 minutes.

We consider the Steam Deck to be one of the best handheld gaming PCs that money can buy, and if you already own one, we’ve got a complete guide to the best Steam Deck games that are already optimized for Valve’s portable powerhouse.

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