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Steam Summer Sale day 2: the best deals

Steam Summer Sale day 2

We’ve made it through one day of Steam sales, but this is the Summer Sale, and it will never end (until it does, later this month). Anyway! It’s a new day, the second day, and that means more deals. Today’s got a pretty stellar selection, but I’ve whittled it down to the best of the bunch. 

Daily Deals:

Grey Goo

I really expected Grey Goo to gain more traction than it did. Perhaps StarCraft II’s grip on the RTS genre is just too damn strong. You should take a chance on Grey Goo, anyway. It’s blessed with phenomenal faction design, with each of the three races boasting dramatically different play styles, particularly the eponymous goo, which is like nothing else I’ve played in an RTS. It’s 60 percent off right now (£11.99/$19.99).

This War of Mine

Where Grey Goo lets you command armies in a fancy sci-fi war, This War of Mine gives you control over the victims of an all too human war. It’s part survival game, part management game, as you direct small groups of survivors in their rundown shelter and outside, where they can scavenge for supplies. It’s an overwhelmingly miserable game, full of bleak moral quandaries and even suicide attempts, but it’s also peppered with little glimmers of hope. It’s 60 percent off (£5.99/$7.99).

Wolfenstein Franchise

All of the Wolfenstein games on Steam are in the Daily Deals, including The New Order and The Old Blood. The former was a bit of a surprise, after 2007’s crappy installment. It’s a silly, bloody alternate history where, yes, Germany won World War 2. Fight robot dogs, other robot things and the Nazi’s of the ‘60s. It’s good family-friendly uber violence. It’s 75 percent off (£8.74/$14.99), while this year’s expansion has been reduced by 50 percent (£7.49/$9.99).

Flash Sales:


Nidhogg lets you pretend to be Errol Flynn, murdering your chums with your superb fencing skills. Each player has to try to get across 2D arenas, jumping across gaps and leaping from chandeliers, and both have to stop their opponent from doing the same. Everything, from the music to the mechanics, is seemingly simple, but as clumsy stabs become graceful duels, the game quickly reveals its depth. It’s a whopping 90 percent off (£1.09/$1.49).

Valiant Hearts: The Great War

Valiant Hearts is one of the UbiArt games. You know, the one’s that aren’t expensive, sometimes broken open world games. Set during the First World War, it spins an interconnected yarn on both sides of the war, but rather than being a game about explosions, guns or oppressive misery, it’s a story of a German soldier trying to get back to the woman he loves. It’s gorgeous, sometimes sad, sometimes funny, and always engaging. It’s 75 percent off (£2.99/$3.74).

That’s it for another day, and it’s only now that I realise that, other than Nidhogg, every single one of my recommendations is set during a war. Oh well! At least it’s not the same war.