Dates for the next three Steam sales have been leaked

The Halloween, autumn, and winter sales are all scheduled

Mark your calendars, because the next couple of months are going to have more than a few Steam discounts. Thanks to some developers ignoring Valve’s wishes, the start date and duration for the Halloween, autumn, and winter sales are now out in the open.

Posted on Reddit from the Steam Database Twitter page, the dates for the forthcoming trilogy of Steam sales are as follows: the Halloween sale runs from October 28 to 31, the autumn sale arrives November 26 to December 3, and the two-week long winter sale with go from December 19 to January 2.

The Halloween sale typically involves mostly horror games, in-keeping with the season. Expect survival horrors, and anything that uses audaciously gory or terrifying imagery, to get some form of reduction. The other two are more general. The autumn sale coincides with Black Friday, an annual event where tech and general consumer goods receive deep discounts in stores around the world. Thankfully with Steam you won’t need to queue up all night to get the game you want at a special price. Finally, there’s the year-end winter sale, which tends to include a wide range of discounts on everything, from recent releases to old.

If you don’t want to wait for any of these, Steam is currently running a sale of up-to 80% on Paradox Interactive, on the back of PDXCON this past weekend. Some highlights include the Stellaris Start Pack down 66%, and the Hearts of Iron IV Mobilization Pack, which is now 56% off. Both of them saw expansions announced over the weekend.

Steam recently hosted its first LGBTQ+ sale, highlighting and reducing queer games and queer developers. The store appears to be expanding and rejigging its remit for the frequency and type of sales it offers.

The Steam Halloween sale starts next Monday, October 28.