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Fan-made tool allows easy Steam imports for Epic, Origin, and Battle.net games

The Steamgriddb Manager helps you import games from other launchers into Valve's platform "with a click of a button"

It looks like a new tool to help players get the games they’ve bought and like to play across different platforms into Steam has launched. The fan-made Steamgriddb Manager tool lets you import your games from various launchers into your Steam account library “with a click of a button.”

The Manager, available on the Steamgriddb website, currently supports the Origin, Uplay, Epic Games, Blizzard Battle.net, and GoG.com launchers (and, according to the page header, also Discord), letting you import the games you have on them into Steam using the tool. The site says, “launch them from Steam and take advantage of Steam features, such as Big Picture, Steam Overlay, Steam Input, and In-Home Streaming.”

In addition, the Manager will let you pick “grids” from its “rapidly growing” database of pictures for your games – whether these be from Steam, imported using the Manager tool, or “manually added non-Steam games.” According to the project’s Github page, linked on the Manager website, it looks like it has three contributors, with usernames doZennn, PhantomGames, and MichaelDay.

So, if you’re keen to play some things like Apex Legends, Battlefield V, or perhaps The Sims 4, which you might have on your Origin launcher, or maybe Battle.net’s World of Warcraft or Hearthstone, from Steam, it looks like the Steamgriddb Manager will help you do just that.

The project’s Github page says that there are more supported launchers coming soon. The tool is available on the Steamgriddb website.

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