Steam has a new most expensive game and it isn’t worth buying

Steam has a new most expensive game; we've talked to the creator about the personal story behind its development, and how they encourage you not to buy it.

Steam has a new most-expensive game, and the creator says don't buy it

27/01/2023 PCGamesN has learned that The Hidden and Unknown opens with a gender-essentialist statement that we do not endorse. Report by PC Gamer. Original story follows.

Gaming platform Steam is filled with wacky, wonderful, and sometimes woeful releases. With hundreds, if not thousands, of new games being released every day it can be difficult to stand out from the crowd; a stellar Steam game either needs a hook, great visuals, or some left-field marketing. So, what if someone made their game the newest, most expensive title on the platform, but also says you shouldn’t buy it?

Well, here it is. The newly released ‘The Hidden and Unknown’ from developer ProX is officially the most expensive game on Steam, at an eye-watering price of $1,999.90 USD  (£1,679.09 GBP).

Described as a “story-based game, that aims to widen the perception of its audience in the areas of psychology and philosophy,” we were immediately intrigued by the text-based Steam game, as it struck us as something that, well, shouldn’t be that price.

So, PCGamesN reached out to the creator, known as ‘ThePro’, for a Discord call and asked them why on Earth his game is so expensive.

“I don’t believe anyone will buy it,” ThePro tells PCGamesN. Adding that they in fact would “discourage anyone from buying it if they can’t afford it, I don’t want to cause trouble.”

Steam’s most expensive game is one you’re encouraged not to buy

We’re told by ThePro that they’re originally from Slovakia and now living in Switzerland, and that The Hidden and Unknown is a deeply personal game, one that depicts his own life story with some sci-fi elements sprinkled in. “The underlying theme is sharing your own story and letting people understand that even if you’re in a bad situation you can work with what you’ve got.”

Apart from the obvious marketing angle, ThePro also tells us that the price point is there because he “doesn’t want to sell my life for $20,” with the deeply personal aspect of the story game’s design not something he feels he can give away for a small price.

Steam’s most expensive game also didn’t even start out as a game, with ThePro telling PCGamesN that it was originally a book before he laughs and says he just “ended up making a game” instead.

While you’re encouraged to not buy the game, there is a way you can own it without having to pay, as the ProX Discord offers giveaways of The Hidden and Unknown, but ThePro notes that he doesn’t just want to give the title away to almost anyone for absolutely no reason.

When we first heard about The Hidden and Unknown we were suitably intrigued, but it was only after hearing from ThePro himself that we grew to truly appreciate what he’s done. Steam allows you to put such a hefty price on your game, and with the screenshots and description, it’s not as if he’s trying to trick anyone. It’s a bit of fun marketing that lead us to a personal and wildly interesting story.

No one’s forcing you to buy Steam’s most expensive game, but it’s there and marks a deeply personal story for the person who made it.

“Obviously, it’s like ‘who would do this?’” ThePro says. “I spent a few months on it [and] even if just two people buy it, I believe I made the most rational decision.”

You can find The Hidden and Unknown on Steam.

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