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Steam just reached 50,000 total games listed

There are a lot of games on Steam, it turns out

Valve opened the Steam floodgates some years ago, and games have been pouring in by the truckload ever since. Thousands (and thousands) of Steam games launch every year, and the numbers are adding up. The total number of games on Steam has surpassed 50,000 as of this week, and the increase isn’t slowing down any time soon.

As of this story, 50,046 games are listed on the US Steam store, though that number’s probably already gone up by the time you’re reading this. (It also includes the porn games, which currently number 1,335, that may or may not be filtered out on your search preferences.) You can see the numbers for yourself over on Steam – just make sure you’ve got ‘games’ alone selected, the numbers get even more absurd with software and DLC included.

This isn’t every game ever released on Steam – that number is quite a bit higher, as it would include games that have been delisted, whether due to licensing issues, content restrictions, or being grossly misleading. The 50k here are just those games which are still listed, either available now or pre-release.

The number of Steam games released every year started to increase exponentially in 2014, though the flood has evened a bit since 2018. Now, we’re reliably getting 8,000 to 10,000 new PC games every year, as SteamSpy continues to show. Don’t expect it to slow down any time soon.

How much would it cost you to buy all of every Steam game? Just over a half-million dollars, it turns out, though the Steam Lunar New Year Sale would bring that total down by a sizable margin. Use our free profile checker tool to find a user’s SteamID or Steam hex ID.