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You can buy every game on Steam for just over half a million dollars

Over $100,000 less if there's a sale on

Someone’s calculated exactly how much it would cost to buy every game on Steam, and it’s not as much as you might think. If you want to turn your Steam backlog into everything that’s available on it, it’ll cost you just over half a million dollars, and just under if there’s a sale on.

The figure is from this calculator, that regularly updates with the latest numbers based on what’s been added, and what’s on sale. Currently, you’d need $556,286.14 to pick up every game at full price, but if you strike now, you’ll get it all for $438,155.80 – a bargain, really. The site’s the work of programmer Chenggang Wang, who was inspired by another app, Buy All Of Steam, that did the same thing, but hasn’t been updated in years.

That price is only based on full games currently available, so no upcoming games, and no DLC. At time of writing, there’s 47,973 games on Steam, so if you were to buy everything right this second, you’d be paying $11.59 per game on average. A great price for many of the best games, total overcharge on others.

Steam is running a Halloween sale at the moment, if your budget’s a little smaller. You can pick up discounts on a number of horror games, and Halloween games, to sweet the last out of the scary season.

The Sims 4 is having a free weekend, too, with discounts on most of the DLC. That’s ahead of the latest expansion, Snowy Escape, and you can read our preview of that here.