Street Fighter 6 launching with all the best features, Capcom says

Capcom says it has finally been able to have all the features and modes it wanted in past SF fighting games with the Street Fighter 6 launch.

Street Fighter 6 launching with all the best features, Capcom says

All the launch Street Fighter 6 features and modes are a culmination of ideas Capcom wanted to have in previous entries in the fighting game series, as the developer opens up ahead of the Street Fighter 6 release date in a new interview.

The Capcom development team hosted a Street Fighter 6 Twitch stream on May 12, and were asked what ideas they had in Street Fighter 5 that they were finally able to implement in the sequel.

Keep in mind that this quote was translated from Japanese to English live on stream, and that PCGamesN has edited it for clarity.

“Pretty much everything that we’re seeing in Street Fighter 6 is just features and modes that we really wanted to have in past Street Fighter titles, and finally we were able to make a brand new Street Fighter game from scratch and incorporate everything that we wanted,” Street Fighter 6 game director Takayuki Nakayama says.

“Especially with World Tour, this was a huge challenge for the team and this was something that we really wanted to have and are super proud of.”

While “features and modes” might seem like a blunt answer, it’s an important distinction made on Capcom’s part, because back when Street Fighter 5 was initially released in 2016 people complained about the small roster and barebones content at launch, with Street Fighter 6 looking to rectify this mistake.

To Street Fighter 5’s credit, a single-player cinematic mode came after launch alongside an arcade mode, extra battle mode, more V-Triggers per character, with 2020’s Champion Edition making even further balance and gameplay changes.

The major difference with Street Fighter 6 is that all of its major modes and ways to play aren’t coming after release but on launch day instead, showing that Capcom appears to have learned its lesson.

Street Fighter 6 launch game modes

We’ve got a quick breakdown of all the Street Fighter 6 launch game modes here for you.

  • Fighting Ground: local and online versus matches, training, and arcade modes
  • World Tour: single-player story mode with a 3D play space and a customisable character
  • Battle Hub: online lobby mode with casual and ranked matches

While you can experience World Tour in the SF6 demo, which I thought was incredible, our very own Street Fighter 6 preview dives into how the mode is basically Capcom’s take on Yakuza, yet even sillier – and that’s saying a lot.

With the Street Fighter 6 beta coming up you’ll want to know exactly when and how to access it, and we’ve also got the entire confirmed Street Fighter 6 roster of base characters and DLC too, with plenty of new faces in there.