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Street Fighter 6 SiRN code puzzle solution

You don’t need math to get the Street Fighter 6 SiRN code, as we have the mystery mad scientist’s combination you should enter into your messaging app.

A scientist with frizzy red hair is the one who gives you the math puzzle you need to solve to get the Street Fighter 6 SiRN code.

What is the Street Fighter 6 SiRN code? Partway through Chapter 13-4 of the World Tour story mode, you’ll make your way up the SiRN building for a second time. As you climb to the 7th floor of R&D, you’ll see Grace, a scientist with red hair, who gives you a math puzzle to solve. While you could try and solve this the old-fashioned way, we can help you more directly by giving you the answer.

The Street Fighter 6 SiRN code you are looking for is the solution to the math problem 2 ^ 6 x 3 x 643. It’s worth completing this puzzle as soon as you see it, as you probably don’t want to climb the tower again, and the reward is one of the coveted Street Fighter 6 World Tour upgrades. This will make the fighting game’s story mode easier, as using it permanently increases your health.

A messaging app where you need to enter the Street Fighter 6 SiRN code 1,2,3,4,5,6.

Street Fighter 6 SiRN math puzzle solution

The Street Fighter 6 SiRN code is 123456. You need to enter this code into your phone’s messaging app, which you can do by opening your phone, going to messages, and pressing the Enter Passcode button on-screen to bring up the prompt. Upon correctly entering the code, you’ll get a text message from the Mystery Mad Scientist, who tells you to talk to Grace again. She’ll hand over a Stamina Booster for your trouble.

After collecting the Street Fighter 6 SiRN code, you can continue up the tower to the next big fight. World Tour has plenty of convoluted moments, so you can check out our guides to the World Tour Canary Crate Gang boss location in Chapter 3-2 and World Tour Thrasher location in Chapter 4-1 to avoid getting stuck. In addition, there are the World Tour character locations if you need to unlock any remaining fighting styles and the Street Fighter 6 tier list lists all the best fighters.