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Is Street Fighter 6 Steam Deck compatible?

It's possible to get your fix of Street Fighter 6 on Steam Deck, but you'll need to turn down the game's settings in order to maintain a stable frame rate.

Luke from Street Fighter 6 pumps his fist and grins, displayed on a Steam Deck

Is Street Fighter 6 Steam Deck compatible? Many of Capcom’s games play well on the Steam Deck, and Street Fighter 6 is no exception.

We’ve spent some time benchmarking the fighting game on Valve’s handheld and have all the details you need to know for whether Street Fighter 6 is a true contender for one of the best Steam Deck games, and worth your attention.

The Street Fighter 6 system requirements aren’t too strenuous, providing you’re willing to compromise visual fidelity for a more consistent level of performance. Its install size is quite modest too, at 25GB, but if you’re short on space then we’d suggest picking up the best microSD card for Steam Deck in the largest capacity you can.

Ryu, in Street Fighter 6, on a Steam Deck

Is Street Fighter 6 Steam Deck compatible?

Yes, Street Fighter 6 is Steam Deck compatible, despite there being no official word from Capcom or Valve for now. We’ve been labbing combos, mixups, and more in the demo and have encountered zero issues with the fighting game.

In terms of performance, we used the Street Fighter 6 Benchmark Tool to get an idea of how every part of the game should play. Using the ‘Lowest’ graphics preset, you can expect 60fps in every game mode. We’d strongly advise against using ‘Normal’ as the Deck simply doesn’t have enough power to maintain a stable frame rate.

If you’re looking to get ahead of your opponents, check out our Street Fighter 6 tier list. We reckon both Luke and Ryu are the most powerful figthers in the game, so check out our guide on how to play both.