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Suicide Squad’s $70 price tag slashed by 40% just a month after launch

Suicide Squad Kill The Justice League is 40% off on Steam after just one month, with Season 1 and the free Joker character coming soon.

Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League Steam sale: DC's Harley Quinn holding up a pistol and closing one eye to aim down the sight

Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League is already 40% off on Steam a month after releasing as a $70 triple-A game. Warner Bros and Rocksteady’s live service superhero game has been branded a “disappointment” by the DC owner, with Season 1 still yet to come this month, bringing a playable version of the Joker with it.

Just over a month after launch, Suicide Squad Kill The Justice League is down by 40% on Steam, but the superhero game may still be too expensive for some. Season 1 of Suicide Squad brings the playable Joker as a free character on Thursday, March 28, so WB likely wants to drive more people to the game ahead of his arrival.

Big budget triple-A games don’t typically see such steep discounts so soon after launch, but with Warner Bros itself deeming Suicide Squad a “disappointment” while doubling down on the live service genre, this reads like an attempt to get as many people in as possible before Season 1 starts.

I’ve written a handful of stories about the live service game’s playercount on Steam, with one sticking out to me as particularly illuminating. Around two weeks after launch Suicide Squad had fewer active players at the same time as all four Batman Arkham games, also made by Rocksteady. Being in the same universe and from the same developer always meant we’d see a renewed interest in the Arkhamverse, but for a live service game to fall behind its decade-old single-player counterparts, that’s something else.

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Suicide Squad was always going to be a hard sell. It comes from a beloved single-player superhero studio almost a decade after its last game while attempting to find space in the oversaturated live service market. Suicide Squad was never what the audience WB and Rocksteady had cultivated since Arkham Asylum were expecting, making it an uphill battle right from the start.

Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League is 40% off until Thursday, March 21, so expect to pay $41.99 / £35.99. You can find it here if you want to try it for yourself.

If 40% off has you interested, you’ll want to check out the Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League system requirements before diving in, alongside the best Suicide Squad builds if you see yourself through to the endgame ahead of Season 1.

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