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The best Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League builds

If you want the best Suicide Squad character builds for taking down the Justice League and defeating Brainiac, then look no further.

What are the best Suicide Squad builds? The Justice League has been taken over by Brainiac, and all hope is lost. Well, except for a hodge-podge of Arkham Asylum’s most infamous inmates. Oh dear.

Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League puts Harley Quinn, Captain Boomerang, King Shark, and Deadshot as the DC Universe’s last line of defence against complete assimilation. Somehow, their combined talents in the action-adventure game actually make them quite formidable, and once you’ve made sure you can meet the Suicide Squad system requirements, our guide to the best Suicide Squad builds will make sure you’ve defeated Brainiac in no time.

Harley Quinn

  • Best Weapons: Health Kick, Black Mask Bulletstorm
  • Best Melee: Clutch Hitter
  • Best Grenade: Slot Machine

Quick and mid-range, Harley is best served as an agent of chaos, swinging from rooftop-to-rooftop confusing enemies at every opportunity. Health Kick fires in three-bullet bursts, letting you swing in behind enemy shields and start spraying. Her Black Mask weapon, then, is a two-handed shotgun, for devastating blows if anything gets too close.

You do get a version of Harley’s hammer, but it doesn’t stack up to the Clutch Hitter overall. Harley’s baseball bat bludgeons aliens in satisfying fashion, and the Slot Machine, which blows apart into six smaller explosives for a wider ranger makes her a total calamity.

King Shark

  • Best Weapons: Black Mask Bulletstorm, Pulsar
  • Best Melee: Riptide
  • Best Grenade: Demolisher

The resident heavy-hitter, King Shark holding a minigun is just perfect for wiping out waves of alien invaders. Black Mask kits him out thus, with the Pulsar providing a slightly subdued backup if you run low on ammo or want some more precision.

He makes good use of standard explosives with the Demolisher grenade, something to throw into a group of enemies as they get minced by bullets. His Riptide blades make dicing enemies feel almost too great, as well.


  • Best Weapons: LX-10 Expediter, Black Mask Bulletstorm
  • Best Melee: 1-2 Punch
  • Best Grenade: Demolisher

The Suicide Squad’s tactile sniper is the one you’ll want to pay closest attention to stats wise. You want your shots to be quick, precise, and painful. LexCorp’s Expediter does all that, with a quick rate of fire so you can really pierce holes in the waves coming at you.

In second, his Black Mask rifle will pick up any headshots you want. The 1-2 Punch is about as good as Deadshot’s close range options get, and standard explosives serve him well as a distraction when he needs to find a good vantage point.

Captain Boomerang

  • Best Weapons: Oh Snap, Free Refills
  • Best Melee: Matilda
  • Best Grenade: LX-E Rapid Disruptor

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League makes Captain Boomerang cool by giving him the best melee combo. You whack an enemy, then swiftly whip the shotgun Oh Snap and blast them away. Brilliant.

Free Refills gives some semi-automatic backup in case you might be overwhelmed, but given he can access the speed force, you shouldn’t be anywhere too long. Matilda’s his sturdiest boomerang, bounding aliens around like nobody’s business. As the name suggests, LexCorp’s Rapid Disruptor ensures Boomerang’s a menace to all as he flips from spot to spot.

How to make the best Suicide Squad build

You need to remember that these anti-villains are supposed to resemble a functioning team, and when you equip them appropriately, they really complement each other. Harley Quinn and Captain Boomerang jump from target to target, while King Shark rampages through everyone, and Deadshot provides cover.

Unlike Gotham Knights, aesthetics don’t impact performance, so you can use whatever costumes and dolls you see fit. You’re free to give everyone whatever weapon you’d like, too, so you could kit out the entire squad in machine guns. But remember that’d mean you don’t have any shotguns or revolvers for close calls, nor anything with a long-distance scope to thin out a herd of enemies before they become a problem.

The major imperative is balance; making your squad a squad, at least on paper, so when Brainiac sends goons, you’re ready for any variety, simple grunts to snipers to heavies. After that, you just pick which member you’re most comfortable playing as, and let rip. Metropolis really won’t know what hit it!

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