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2020’s coolest shooter lands on Xbox Game Pass today

Superhot Mind Control Delete is a hyper-stylized FPS in which time only moves forward when you do, and now you can play it on Game Pass.

Lots of shooters showcase hyper-realistic visuals and true-to-life weapons, but few of them have ever touched Superhot for the sheer amount of cool packed into each frame. The third game in the series, Superhot: Mind Control Delete, is now available on Game Pass, and it’s definitely worth checking out.

Unlike most FPS games, time in Superhot: Mind Control Delete only moves forward when you move your character in space. While you stand still, everything hangs in a perpetual freeze frame, and the game is about planning your moves carefully in order to do awesome Matrix-style dodges around bullets and other incoming attacks.

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Everything looks incredible, too – Superhot’s visual design boils everything down to its mechanical essences, rendering every enemy and environment as a crystal lattice. Bad guys are red, the walls are white, and so you get only the information you need in order to prioritize targets and find cover.

When it all blends together and you hit a flow state, Superhot: Mind Control Delete leaves you feeling like John Wick – surgically firing pistols before hurling them into the faces of enemies approaching from the sides, then snatching a dropped katana in mid-air to deflect incoming fire from the next enemies coming from around the corner. It’s great.

As exciting as that is, the fact that everything stops and gives you time to think things through almost makes Superhot: Mind Control Delete a puzzle game. It’s definitely one of the best indie games of 2020, and having it arrive on Game Pass means now’s a great time to check it out if you haven’t.

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