Steam’s coolest FPS game is 70% off right now, and you need to play it

Superhot is one of the coolest games of all time, and this time-bending Steam FPS game is currently at a massive discount, along with its excellent VR version.

Superhot - You throw a fist towards a red, glass-like person, causing their body to shatter.

Superhot. Super. Hot. Super. Hot. Words that will forever ring around your skull after playing this time-manipulating, ultra-slick Steam shooter. There’s no going back from playing Superhot; it’ll change your perception of the FPS genre, alter how you think about combat altogether, and probably ensure you never say the word “super” in a normal voice ever again. Superhot and Superhot VR are two of the coolest and most essential games on PC, and they’re both going cheap right now in a Steam sale.

Superhot is a first-person shooter with one simple rule: time moves only when you move. You can look around in complete stillness, but take a step, raise your fists, or fire a weapon and time will flow as fast as you go. The result is not only one of the best FPS games you’ll probably ever play, it’s also a blend of real-time strategy and puzzle elements as well, so this is one Steam sale you won’t want to miss.

First making its name in 2013 as part of a seven-day game jam that resulted in a browser-based demo, only to be developed into a full game that launched in February 2016, Superhot’s stark white environments play home to numerous memorable scenarios. With each level, you find yourself in a dangerous situation with a simple setup, and must fight your way through a wave of faceless ruby foes intent on stopping you.

From the first time I played Superhot, I was hooked. You stand in a bar, a single pistol on a table between you and the closest crimson figure. ‘THE DEAL IS OFF’ flashes on screen, and it’s up to you to ensure you’re the last person standing. The stop-start nature means there’s no need to be a great twitch shooter with a perfect trigger finger; you have all the time in the world to line up your shot.

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Just one hit is enough to take an enemy down, but the same bears true for you – so you’ll need to carefully judge incoming shots as they approach and ensure to sidestep or duck them as needed. The resulting effect is unmatched, and you’ll feel impossibly cool; the star of your very own action movie. Shoot two guys, throw the empty weapon at a third, catch their shotgun as it flies out of their hands, duck a slash from an incoming swordsman, and blast them into smithereens.

The best part? Finish a level and you can watch your deadly dance back at full speed, confirming just what a badass you are. Fantastic stuff. Along with its robust campaign of slickly designed levels, Superhot also has a captivating narrative that keeps you on edge as you communicate with a mysterious hacker over an online chat service.

To take the experience one step further, Superhot VR is a completely standalone game with a distinct campaign structure and levels built specifically for virtual reality. If you have one of the best VR headsets, it’s maybe even better than the base game – something I don’t say lightly. You can even continue the adventure with the standalone expansion Superhot: Mind Control Delete, if you want to be free to play Superhot forever (and you will).

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Superhot Steam sale

Here are all the discounts you can get in the Superhot Steam sale, which runs until Thursday, October 19, 2023:

  • Superhot is 70% off ($7.49 / £5.39)
  • Superhot Mind Control Delete is 60% off ($9.99 / £7.19)
  • Superhot VR is 60% off ($9.99 / £7.99)
  • Superhot One of Us bundle is 70% off ($14.86 / £10.69)
  • The Complete Superhot bundle is 72% off ($20.60 / £15.42)

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