Superman nearly got a game alongside Batman: Arkham Asylum by Rogue Squadron devs

A load of details, including gameplay, has been revealed of a cancelled Superman game by Factor 5 that should've been out in 2009.

Superman Factor 5

While the world is still lacking a decent Superman game, the final game from Rogue Squadron developer Factor 5 was supposed to have been just that. Now the game’s lead designer has posted a load of new details, including previously unrevealed artwork, gameplay videos, and even the fact that it was due out around 2009 – the same year as Batman: Arkham Asylum.

Earlier this month developer ‘Salvatrix’ – who also worked on Rift and Rogue Squadron III: Rebel Strike – posted a thread on Twitter and spoke on Reddit giving many previously unrevealed facts, images, and even videos from the cancelled Superman game, codenamed ‘Blue Steel’. The project was known about before, but not in this much detail.

According to Salvatrix, the project would not have been an open-world game, with largish open maps at around 20-25 blocks across Metropolis, Smallville, the Fortress of Solitude, and even the hellish planet Apokolips. Superman would’ve been able to fly around and fight “with foes more in his power range” rather than the usual “kryptonite and fighting robots.”

Superman would be able to pick up and use objects from around the world to fight enemies, and even punch them through buildings. Villains would include Darkseid, Livewire, and Doomsday, as revealed in some excellent concept art.

While most of the screenshots are blocky, Salvatrix also posted a gameplay prototype with updated assets, which you can see below. It shows off the interesting combat system, including the spectacular building rushes – and perhaps most interestingly of all, Kryptonian villain General Zod would’ve been playable during the story and not just during the game’s versus mode.

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While the project was cancelled in 2008 because the financial crisis at the time that killed both Factor 5 and publisher Brash Entertainment, it was meant to come out around 2009 alongside Batman: Arkham Asylum and the also-cancelled sequel to Superman Returns. Still, it’s a fascinating glimpse into a promising game.

Hopefully Gotham Knights developer WB Montreal is working on a Superman game as we speak, but the Man of Steel will next be seen in Fortnite next month. Oh, and ironically enough there’s a Rogue Squadron movie coming from the director of Superman’s fellow Justice Leaguer Wonder Woman.