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Team Fortress 2 drops to ‘Mostly Negative’ on Steam for the first time

Team Fortress 2 Steam reviews have dropped to 'Mostly Negative' for the first time, as players of the FPS demand Valve addresses aimbots.

Team Fortress 2 Steam reviews: the Heavy from TF2 stood in front of a blurry Steam page, with a red line graph going down behind him

Team Fortress 2 has dropped to ‘Mostly Negative’ Steam reviews for the first time in history, as players launch a campaign calling on Valve to fix the ongoing aimbot problem. The ‘SaveTF2’ petition, which has accrued almost 200,000 signatures, describes the long-running FPS as “nearly unplayable,” and the community has taken to Valve’s storefront in an effort to make their voices heard.

As of writing, only 31% of the 18,000 Team Fortress 2 Steam reviews from the last 30 days are positive. In June alone, 15,000 negative reviews have been posted, with players calling upon Valve to fix ongoing bot problems which allegedly render the shooter largely unplayable.

Overall, TF2’s Steam reception is still in the green, with over one million reviews over its lifespan, and an overall rating of 91% positive. If the movement continues to gain momentum, however, the FPS game’s all-time score could change.

The influx of negative reviews comes following the relaunch of the Save TF2 petition, with almost 190,000 players and counting signing an open letter to Valve demanding change. “We’re going to showcase the absolute magnitude of this issue to the online masses. Screenshots, videos, and personal stories surrounding the bots in action, all accompanied by the tag #FixTF2,” the petition’s webpage says.

Team Fortress 2 Steam reviews: a look at the SteamDB reviews for TF2 across its launch time

This isn’t the first time TF2 has been inundated with negative reviews. July 2016’s much-disliked ‘Meet Your Maker’ update attracted almost 5,000 of them alongside a player exodus. This patch changed many of the game’s weapons to make them more competitively viable in the vein of Overwatch, alienating die-hard players at the same time.

As of publication Valve has remained silent on the rising player pushback towards Team Fortress 2, with the Steam maker last addressing the issue in a 2022 tweet: “TF2 community, we hear you! We love this game and know you do, too. We see how large this issue has become and are working to improve things.”

TF2 isn’t the first game to get mass review bombed in 2024 either, as Helldivers 2 was hit over the PSN account requirement, before Sony reversed the decision and many players resubmitted positive reviews.

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