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New RTS game Tempest Rising looks like a modern Command and Conquer

From the developers of Ancestor's Legacy, upcoming RTS game Tempest Rising looks like a faithful homage to the classic Command and Conquer games

RTS game Tempest Rising: Soldiers fire a flamethrower in the direction of several bodies lying on the sandy ground, surrounded by military equipment and machinery.

The Command and Conquer games are stone-cold classics, but it’s been a long time since we were treated to Tim Curry’s Anatoly Cherdenko rapturously talking about going to space. Thankfully, upcoming RTS game Tempest Rising looks like it’s poised to resurrect that special formula of crunchy real-time strategy combat interspersed with slightly cheesy FMV-style narrative cutscenes.

Revealed during THQ Nordic’s Digital Showcase, Tempest Rising is a “classic, base-building, real-time strategy game set in a modern-day alternative history war scenario,” THQ Nordic says. Tempest Rising features three factions competing for a valuable but volatile alien resource called Tempest, reminiscent of the Tiberium from the original Command and Conquer games.

Here’s the trailer:

“Throw yourself into epic story campaigns or challenge your friends in multiplayer matches,” THQ Nordic’s brief description reads. The story missions appear to be highlighted with cutscenes inspired directly by the GDI and NOD briefings from the first Command and Conquer, and buildings fold out of the ground at their designated sites just like in Westwood’s classic RTS.

THQ Nordic and 3D Realms are publishing Tempest Rising, which is being developed by Slipgate Ironworks in association with 2B Games, the developers of the medieval Viking RTS Ancestors Legacy.

Tempest Rising will be available on Steam, and it’s slated for release in 2023.