Terraria Christmas build is a breathtaking 3D winter wonderland

A Terraria Christmas build on the Steam Workshop from community creator Lady Forestia gives an incredible 3D winter wonderland makeover to the crafting RPG game

Terraria Christmas build - 'Forestia' by Lady Forestia, featuring a giant Santa's sleigh and Rudolph in the foreground with a huge christmas tree by lit-up buildings at the back

A rather spectacular 3D Terraria Christmas build from community creator Lady Forestia shows just how talented the community for one of the best building games on PC has become. The winter wonderland gives off a three-dimensional effect that almost feels like you’re looking at a different game altogether. The best part of all? It’s available on the Steam Workshop, so you can visit it in-game with your friends right now.

We’ve featured Lady Forestia previously, with the autumn update to their Forestia Terraria world blowing us away with its clever use of block placement to create the effect of fully three-dimensional environments in the 2D game. As such, it’d be remiss of us not to highlight the way they’ve applied those talents to build a setting with giant Christmas trees, snowmen, Santa’s sleigh complete with Rudolph, and even some cosy housing you can enter to snuggle up by the fire and open your presents.

Lady Forestia says that this festive seasonal zone took them just “four days to build” compared to almost a month for a jungle area. Perhaps that’s just a love for the season, or maybe you could put it down to honing the creative craft to a fine art. Regardless, it’s quite spectacular what they’ve managed to accomplish – basically every section is a source of inspiration for those looking to improve their own Terraria building skills.

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If you want to visit this wondrous world for yourself, you can do so with ease courtesy of the Steam Workshop, which will also let you explore all of Lady Forestia’s other amazing creations. The full world is absolutely massive, and you could be exploring it for quite literally hours, so go dive in!

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