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Terraria 1.4.4 update release date and everything new in Labor of Love

As the Terraria 1.4.4 update release date closes in, here are all the key additions you can expect when Labor of Love arrives for the sandbox RPG crafting game

Terraria 1.4.4 update Labor of Love - a red-haired Terraria character stands in a multicoloured foom full of furniture and crafting equipment

It’s September, which means that the long-awaited Terraria 1.4.4 update Labor of Love is finally upon us. Terraria developer Re-Logic has long been known for claiming its updates for one of the best crafting games are the ‘final update,’ and Labor of Love follows on from the previous two such final updates – Journey’s End and Journey’s Actual End. Labor of Love was pitched primarily as a quality of life and balance update, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t new items – and plenty of the changes give more than enough reason to return to one of the best sandbox games on PC one more time.

We’ve compiled all the new additions and tweaks into one handy list for your perusal down below, but we’ll start off by detailing a few of the biggest changes you can expect in Terraria 1.4.4. First up, your Terraria inventory size is due to get a huge upgrade as the stack limit for most items in the game leaps from 999 to a massive 9999. A Void Bag rework causes the special sack to function as basically a second inventory that can be opened at will, and the addition of Terraria gear loadouts means you can switch between various equipment setups on the fly.

Meanwhile, fans sick of having to go through extensive preparation and maintenance to keep their Jungle from being destroyed by evil biome corruption will be overjoyed to know that the addition of Infected Mud Grass means that your Jungle biome will never be turned into dirt again, and a new Biome Sight potion will make picking out those pesky evil nodes and cleaning them up vastly more straightforward. One of the strongest Terraria endgame accessories is getting a buff too – although it’s left fans a little split on its usefulness. In addition, the new Rubblemaker and Coatings look to be adding a huge amount of customisation potential for builders.

Terraria 1.4.4 update Labor of Love release date and cross-play details

The Terraria 1.4.4 update releases on September 28. The update is also the first simultaneous release across all platforms. While there is still no cross-play between different platforms in Terraria, the team has maintained in the past that it’s something it would like to implement once feature parity between the PC, console, and mobile versions of the game are attained. Therefore, Labor of Love seems like it could pave the way for such an update in the future.

New items and additions in Terraria 1.4.4 update Labor of Love

  • Equipment loadouts allow up to three separate gear sets to be saved, including distinct vanity items for each loadout.
  • Void Bag overhaul – can be opened and closed, and acts like a second inventory.
  • New Rubblemaker item can be used to place over 200 different background objects using basic resources such as sand and stone.
  • Infected Mud Grass – now means that mud blocks in the jungle will no longer be turned into dirt if they are afflicted by an evil biome, and can be restored later.
  • Multiple new pets, including the item Resplendent Dessert that summons a combined King and Queen Slime pet.
  • Caveling Farmer pet introduced as a permanent crossover with Core Keeper that sees King Slime heading to Core Keeper in return.
  • New Lilith’s Necklace accessory that transforms the player into a wolf.
  • A new Biome Sight potion highlights evil blocks.
  • Echo Coating can be applied to furniture, blocks, and walls to turn them invisible. A new placeable item can be activated to cause items and blocks with Echo Coating to appear.
  • A new coral-themed block, wall, and furniture set.
  • Glowing moss of multiple colours that can be crafted into Glowing Moss Bricks.
  • A new bread item, wood type, and liquid type.
  • Town slimes can now be found at the Zoologist, with 8 different designs.
  • Two new tropical birds called Araras now spawn in the Jungle biome.
  • 17 total creatures have been added (including the ten mentioned above).
  • New death messages have been added.
  • Life Crystals and Mana Stars can now be placed in the world
  • New star-shaped bobber for use when fishing.
  • Currently equipped bait is now shown by player cursor when fishing.
  • Added menu option to disable quick trash functionality.
  • Locked chests can be crafted by combining a Shadow chest and a chain.
  • New paintings, including lead developer Redigit’s profile picture and the artwork created by Terraria fans during the r/place project.
  • Classic bricks with 1:1 sprites.
  • A new item, Flymeal, that can be used to unstick NPCs.
  • Poo blocks (crafted on toilet with well fed buff) – this one is a particular favourite of lead developer Redigit, who has pushed for it for a long time.
  • A new cart called the Fart Kart, a giant toilet cart that plays fart sounds.
  • Several new secret seeds have been added. An ‘Everything seed’ sounds like it will feature portions of every secret seed, creating an extra difficult challenge with lots of traps, while ‘Upside Down’ suggests a flipped world. Lead developer Redigit has described one of these as his “magnum opus” and “something special for the brave of heart.”
  • Changes have been made to the ‘celebrationmk10′ seed.
  • New music and achievements.

Terraria 1.4.4 update - a range of banners hanging from diagonal platforms forming an upside-down V shape

Balance changes and tweaks in Terraria 1.4.4 update Labor of Love

  • Classic Mode has replaced Journey Mode as the default difficulty setting for a new character.
  • Player inventory stack size is increased to 9999 for almost every item.
  • Rope now goes behind platforms and minecart tracks.
  • Heart Lanterns and Banners can now be hung from platforms.
  • The maximum buffs limit on a player has been increased.
  • Station buffs (Sharpened, Clairvoyance, Ammo Box, and Bewitched) now last until death. War Table now grants a buff increasing maximum number of sentries.
  • Sentry duration increased from 2 to 10 mins.
  • The Bestiary includes 17 new entries, and you can now view an enemy’s kill count.
  • The wait time between rounds in Old One’s Army can now be skipped, and Defender Medal purchase prices have been reduced in price by 33-40%.
  • The Digging Molecart is now easier to obtain early.
  • The Spelunker potion now causes paintings and statues to glow.
  • All accessories can now be equipped in vanity accessory slots (this reverts a previous change made in
  • Metal detectors will now spot Gelatin Crystals.
  • Ankh Shield now contains the Pocket Mirror.
  • Multiple new ways to get Sandstorm in a Bottle have been added.
  • The Hive Pack now increases the Hornet minion’s fire rate and increases the damage and armour penetration of Wasp Gun.
  • The Cell Phone and Bundle of Balloons are now materials.
  • Rare Pirate item drop rate has been doubled.
  • Flying Dutchman drops are now up to 10x more common and defeating one will always guarantee a gold furniture piece.
  • Moss Hornets can now drop stingers.

Terraria 1.4.4 update - a character swings True Excalibur, leaving a trail of pink and gold sparkles behind them

  • Reworks for True Excalibur, True Night’s Edge, and Terra Blade.
  • Buffs for Dark Lance, Frostbrand, Flairon, Scourge of the Corruptor, Star Wraith, and Lunar Portal Staff.
  • Duration of the Rainbow Gun, Nimbus Rod, and Clinger Staff has been increased.
  • The spawn conditions for the Snow Flinx have been changed.
  • A Plantera Bulb now spawns immediately after defeating all three mechanical bosses.
  • The Golem boss has been buffed.
  • The Clown enemy that appears during the Blood Moon has been buffed.
  • Illuminant Paint is now Illuminant Coating and can be applied on top of paint.
  • Glowing Mushrooms will now give off light of the colour they’re painted.
  • Terrariums can now be stacked.
  • Character selection now shows your current pet.
  • New cat name ‘Tula’ and new dog name ‘Pete’ added.
  • Players can exchange their current pet by buying another pet licence.
  • Bast Statue can now spawn in desert cabins as well as chests.
  • Angel Statue now has a mysterious, as-yet unspecified use.
  • The Angler now has a chance to give an extra furniture loot drop – odds of this will increase as you complete more quests for them.
  • /Death command shows your number of total deaths in a world.
  • The Rifle Scope now increases the range of the Clentaminator.
  • The Drill Containment Unit now mines faster and destroys back walls.
  • Celestial Sigil now takes 12 of each fragment to craft instead of 20 and takes 12 seconds from activation to spawn in the Moon Lord instead of 60 seconds.

We’re pretty sure that’s everything that’s been announced for Labor of Love – but if you spot something we’re missing, feel free to let us know!

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