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Terraria’s creator reveals his favorite boss

The creator of Terraria, Andrew ‘Redigit’ Spinks, shares which of the game’s many boss fights is his favorite, and it’s a great pick that you might not expect.

Terraria creator's favorite boss - the metallic skull face of Skeletron Prime by a colorful tower of NPCs.

Terraria is a game packed to the brim with memorable boss fights. From the first time that King Slime falls from the rainy sky, or you read that “You feel an evil presence watching you,” the sandbox game is always ready to throw some incredible battles your way. But which of the Terraria bosses is your favorite? The game’s creator, Andrew ‘Redigit’ Spinks, reveals which of them he likes the most, as the team works towards the Terraria 1.4.5 update.

With so many fun fights and plenty of cool designs, it’s tough to pick just one. I’m a huge fan of the careful early game preparation of turning a hive into a combat arena to fight the Queen Bee. I love the obscure path to procuring Truffle Worms to take on the terrifying Duke Fishron. And of course the climactic final battle is an all-time great.

I think for me, though, it has to be Plantera. It has the shock value of a surprise appearance – dig up the wrong flower, and suddenly you’re being pursued by this unstoppable creature dragging itself across the entire jungle to devour you.

It provides a real sense of preparation, too, if you’re of a mind to dig out and equip an arena to take Plantera on in. And the fight itself is one that can really force you to think about your build and use a good blend of movement and positioning combined with the best gear you can muster to take it down.

Re-Logic president Spinks, however, has a different choice. Responding to a query on the forums about people’s favorite bosses, he remarks, “Wall of Flesh is probably my favorite. It’s one of the more unique bosses in the game, requiring you to constantly run backward and spend time domesticating the underworld before the fight.”

Terraria creator's favorite boss - Andrew Spinks says: "Wall of Flesh is probably my favorite. It's one of the more unique bosses in the game, requiring you to constantly run backward and spend time domesticating the underworld before the fight. Also, it looks pretty goofy too."

It’s a great pick – the Wall of Flesh marks, for me, the moment where I really understood what Terraria was trying to achieve. It, too, has that real sense of preparation, but perhaps even more so – the hellish underworld of Terraria is one of the most hostile parts of the map, but you’ll need to make sure you have a good amount of safe space to retreat to before you start.

Once the fight begins you’re forced to flee constantly from this ever-advancing eldritch nightmare, unable to stop lest it snatches you back into its terrifying mouths with a giant tongue. It’s both horrifying and yet somehow quite amusing. Spinks agrees in conclusion of his praise, commenting, “Also, it looks pretty goofy.”

Lore-wise, it’s a very cool (and slightly horrifying) one as well – obviously, spoilers ahead. To summon the Wall of Flesh, after all, you have to cast a voodoo doll of the Guide that helps you from the start of the game into the lava pits of the underworld, which causes him to instantly combust and be reborn (by Spinks’s own confirmation) as the nightmarish pillar of meat and gristle. You monster.

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Defeating the Wall of Flesh is perhaps Terraria’s most landmark moment, too – its death sparks the changing of the world state into Hardmode, sending veins of corruption, crimson, and hallow spreading throughout your map and transitioning you into the second half of your Terraria adventure. For that, I’d say it’s a very worthwhile pick.

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