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The official Terraria wiki is no longer official

Re-Logic has just re-launched the Terraria wiki under new management, offering a cleaner interface and better collaboration between devs and editors

Terraria wiki: A player stands on top of a clock tower in front of a moon

The official Terraria wiki is about to lose that ‘official’ moniker, as the devs at Re-Logic have just announced the launch of a new version of the game’s digital encyclopaedia. The devs have announced that they’re working with Freedom Games to make terraria.wiki.gg the new official source for information on the sandbox game.

The new official Terraria wiki is already live, and already features all the information from the old wiki. “Re-Logic has long wanted to further establish a more common look and feel across the various sites and ways in which our fans interact with Terraria,” the devs say in the announcement. “So, we have carried that through here by utilising the style elements from our website and from our forums.”

In practical terms, Re-Logic now has a closer relationship with the owners of the wiki. That means ideas for changes to the wiki based on community feedback are more likely, and information about new updates is likely to be included much more quickly. You’ll also find that the new wiki has less obtrusive ads.

“As in the past, Re-Logic receives nothing (revenue, etc) from the wiki,” the devs say. “Our involvement here is strictly to maximise the experience for the Terraria fans.”

The existing Fandom-run wiki will remain live, too. “We do not have any issues with this, and think it will remain as a good additional option for folks.”

If you missed Terraria’s final update, or the second final update, or the more recent final update, there’s another final update to look forward to, plus one more final update that launched a few weeks ago.

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