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Valve working on “super-secret update content” for Team Fortress 2


In the wake of the Robotic Boogaloo, you’d be forgiven for thinking Valve had handed over development of TF2 to the community entirely. You’d be wrong, though. Not only are small patches still pushed out at regular intervals, but the dev team are currently working on update content that they previously “haven’t even hinted at yet”.

Valve shipped a round of items okayed by the TF2 Steam Workshop’s automatic approval system just yesterday – a precursor to a promised ‘gold star’-approved update made up wholly of community creations. But they’re promising more.

“This isn’t the big update we hinted at in the last post, or any of the other super-secret update content we’ve been working on that we haven’t even hinted at yet,” they wrote. “Except just then.”

They added: “This is just a little taste, a tide-me-over, what the French might call an amuse-bouche (‘Your mouth pleases me.’) Enjoy! Or as the French say, Bon appétit! (‘It is good that you are starving.’).”

I suppose the last big Valve-driven TF2 update was Mann vs Machine, and that was very big indeed. Perhaps we’re in for something a little more modest than that. What do you reckon?