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The Callisto Protocol trailer digs into the secrets of Black Iron

The new Callisto Protocol trailer showcases the horror game's main setting: a maximum security prison on the Jovian moon, where an experiment has gone wrong

The Callisto Protocol trailer: Jacob Lee, wearing an environmental suit and helmet, stares into a snowstorm in the dark night of Callisto

There is a new Callisto Protocol trailer out, and it offers a new peek at the horror game’s sci-fi setting: we’ll be exploring the deep, dark depths of the Black Iron prison, a maximum security facility built on Jupiter’s moon Callisto. An experiment of some kind has gone disastrously wrong, and pilot Jacob Lee has to figure out what that was and how to escape.

By the time cargo ship pilot Jacob arrives, it’s clear that a disaster has taken place at Black Iron. Flyers have been posted all over with the faces of missing prisoners and workers, with slogans like “it’s a lie” crudely painted over them in some cases.

“It’s like someone’s trying to cover up what’s happening here,” Jacob observes in a shot of a bank of monitors, presumably in a central security station.

Here’s the trailer:

YouTube Thumbnail

We also learn that the site where Black Iron prison was built was originally a colony of some kind – and that it, along with the rest of the moon, was totally abandoned at some point.

So while there are telltale signs of some kind of evil sci-fi experiment involving alien parasites, it seems as though there’s more going on – Black Iron might just be sitting on a burial ground haunted by something even more sinister.

We’ll find out when The Callisto Protocol release date arrives in December.