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The Day Before dev insists it’s not a scam or an asset flip

The Day Before dev Fntastic releases a statement about the survival game, insisting it’s real, not a scam, and apologizing for trailers.

The Day Before release date statement: A soldier with a rifle in Fntastic survival game The Day Before

The Day Before developer Fntastic issues a statement to “a person who didn’t believe us,” insisting the upcoming survival multiplayer game is legitimate, not a scam, and not an asset flip based on Unreal Engine 5 stock tools and visuals. The studio apologizes for the quality of its marketing and trailers, and thanks supporters for “protecting us from injustice and fakes.”

The Day Before release date is almost upon us, as the enigmatic survival game, currently at number two on Steam’s wishlist chart, finally sees the light of launch after years of anticipation. The Day Before has faced a variety of speculation, with some would-be players heralding the game as a superb-looking mix of zombies and multiplayer, and others suggesting The Day Before is unlikely to resemble the footage as shown in trailers, or even exist at all.

The game was removed from Steam supposedly owing to a copyright dispute over its name. Now, The Day Before is back on Valve’s platform and about to go live, with Fntastic sharing a new statement addressing both supporters and doubters.

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“To our future player [sic] who will dive into the game on December 7, we made this for you so that you will enjoy the game and it becomes a celebration,” Fntastic says. “Together we will continue improving the game and adding content. To a person who didn’t believe in us, we made this game for you, too. We accept any kind of criticism and don’t hold a grudge against you. Before we continue moving forward together, kindly allow us to note a few things.”

The Day Before developer then addresses various forms of speculation that have arisen regarding the zombie game. “Please don’t accuse us of scamming,” Fntastic says. “That’s not true. We didn’t take a penny from anyone. Please don’t accuse us of asset flip [sic]. That’s not true, also. Our team worked day and night for five years to make our dream game a reality.

“Please don’t underestimate our work. It wasn’t easy. We are like you. We worked hard. And we’re incredibly happy that our game will finally see the light of day for everyone to explore.” Fntastic also offers an apology for The Day Before’s “marketing and teasers,” which some viewers speculate do not represent the game’s actual quality. “Please forgive us for not doing the best marketing and teasers,” Fntastic says. “We learn something new and improve ourselves every day.”

The Day Before release date statement: A statement from The Day Before developer Fntastic regarding the new survival game

Marking the launch of The Day Before, Fntastic recently rented a billboard in Times Square in New York City. In the same statement, the developer thanks supports for “protecting us from injustice and fakes.”

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