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The Day Before is coming back to Steam, but early access is delayed

Controversial survival game The Day Before will return to Steam after a naming dispute, but early access has been pushed into December.

The Day Before returns to Steam, but early access is delayed - A bearded man stands behind the counter of a store, sneering slightly.

Controversial survival game The Day Before has once again reared its head, just days ahead of its previously planned release date on Steam. Just over a week before the planned launch date for the zombie multiplayer game, developer Fntastic has unveiled details of the return of The Day Before to Steam. While it’s good news for those of you who have been curious about when it would return to the Valve platform, the release date has been pushed back into December.

The Day Before, which was previously Steam’s most-wishlisted game, was removed from the platform following a trademark dispute with the owner of a calendar app using the same name. The survival game was also called into question for a trailer that closely resembled a Call of Duty Zombies teaser, with developer Fntastic responding at the time, “We all live in a time of disinformation and lack of fact-checking.”

Now, Fntastic reveals in its latest stream that the trademark dispute has been resolved and the game will be returning to Steam. However, The Day Before release date for its early access launch, which was previously set for Friday November 10, 2023, has now been pushed back into December, so we’ll be waiting a bit longer to find out exactly what the game has in store for us.

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The ‘final trailer’ also shows off the ranch you’ll be setting up as your home base, along with its weapon modification systems, and the way missions will be set up. Taking on community requests will earn you coins that can then be spent on all manner of weapons, ammunition, protective gear, food, backpacks, and so on.

The Day Before early access begins Tuesday December 7, 2023 on Steam. As mentioned, that’s a little later than originally scheduled – but after a long while of wondering if it’d even make it back to Steam for launch, it’s nice to actually have a date when we’ll see it in action for real.

If you’re eager to find out exactly what makes The Day Before tick, have a look through The Day Before system requirements to make sure you’re ready for its new launch date. Alternatively, we’ve picked out the best zombie games for all your shambling desires.