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Is The Day Before on Game Pass?

Find out if The Day Before is coming to Game Pass or if you have to open your wallet to experience Fntastic’s post-apocalyptic survival MMO.

The Day Before on Game Pass: A militiaman dressed in military uniform aims down sights.

Is The Day Before on Game Pass? The zombie MMO has undergone a turbulent development, to say the least – and with all the delays and disruption, it’s no surprise that you might want to look before you take the financial leap. Naturally, Game Pass is an ideal solution. Microsoft’s subscription service presents the perfect opportunity to see if it’s right for you without spending more than the platform’s monthly fee.

The Day Before’s recent trademark dispute had a considerable effect on developer Fntastic’s launch plans, causing the survival game to be delisted from Steam – and almost resulted in a surprise name change in an effort to get around it. However, now that the dispute is resolved, The Day Before release date is back on the calendar. So, is The Day Before on Game Pass, or will you have to pay full price to play?

Is The Day Before on Game Pass?

The Day Before is not on Game Pass, and it’s unlikely to appear any time soon. Developer Fntastic has confirmed that The Day Before is launching in early access on Steam, with a full version release coming once it’s become “the best version of the game possible.”

The open-world game’s console release is also set to coincide with the release of the full version, so it’s safe to assume that The Day Before won’t be arriving on either the PC or Xbox version of Game Pass. In fact, even The Day Before early access launch received a short delay after it made a return to the Valve platform. As Fntastic states: “there may be unforeseen circumstances”, though this doesn’t rule out The Day Before coming to the Game Pass one day.

If you can’t wait to sink your teeth into Fntastic’s long-awaited MMO, check out the details surrounding The Day Before’s GTA 5 style trailer. Alternatively, we’ve got the best zombie games to tide you over, whether you’re gearing up for early access or waiting until The Day Before eventually comes to Game Pass.