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Does The Day Before have multiplayer?

Here's everything we know about The Day Before multiplayer options, including if both online PvP and online Co-op are available at launch.

The Day Before multiplayer - a soldier with army gear holding up his rifle.

Does The Day Before have multiplayer? It feels like an age since we first heard about the upcoming zombie survival MMO, with it experiencing a saga’s worth of development troubles, not least of which the league issues with the name rights. But it’s finally nearly in early access, hopefully bringing its pre-release woes to a close.

Described on Steam as an “open-world MMO survival game, set in the present day on the US East Coast following a deadly pandemic”, it’s practically guaranteed that there will be The Day Before multiplayer options. However, it’s the nature of the multiplayer that has us asking questions. So, as we near The Day Before release date when the game finally comes to early access, here’s everything we know so far about The Day Before multiplayer.

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Does The Day Before have multiplayer?

Yes, The Day Before has multiplayer. The Day Before multiplayer modes will include online PvP and online co-op, meaning that you and your friends can team up together to survive the undead hordes or fight against other survivors for resources.

While you play the game online, it’s got the full suite of multiplayer modes, but Fntastic has also mentioned that The Day Before is playable offline as well. However, this is where multiplayer limitations may come into play, as it remains to be seen if this means an offline split-screen co-op will be available.

Of course, as soon as we get access to The Day Before, we’ll let you know if there are any limitations on how many players you can join up with, as well as provide details on how to set up a multiplayer game. There may also be some limits regarding PvP, such as how many players you can see at any given time, but none of this has been communicated thus far.

Now that you know what The Day Before multiplayer modes are, you should probably also know if The Day Before is on Game Pass, just in case someone brings that up as an idea to get a whole team together. If you want something to play right now, here are the best free MMORPGs on the market.