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The Division 2 gear sets: the first set revealed and all the latest details

Looking forward to crafting your ideal PvP and PvE build in The Division 2? You’ll need the gear sets for your Agent

the division 2 gear sets

The Division 2 gear sets are a vital part of endgame progression, build crafting, and PvP. These armour sets bestow unique buffs and traits on your Division Agent if you have enough pieces of the gear set equipped at the same time, giving you an edge over opponents and allowing you to specialise in one area of combat.

Gear sets differ from The Division 2 brand sets in that you’ll need the bulk of a set equipped in order to glean any bonus stats from it. You can equip a couple of different brand sets simultaneously to mix and match buffs, however a The Division 2 gear set makes up the core of your Agent build.

As gear sets are centered on endgame we’re yet to see these unveiled in full by Ubisoft and Massive Entertainment, but after seeing these in the first Division game we have a pretty good idea of how they’ll work in the sequel. Plus, we do know how the True Patriot gear set will work thanks to a recent reveal, so we can dig into how that works below, too.

The Division 2 gear sets

So far we only know the full stats of one gear set, True Patriot, thanks to a Gamespot exclusive reveal. Thanks to an in-game message, however, we do know that you can get this gear set through the Tidal Basin stronghold, alongside two others called Ongoing Directive and Hard Wired.

True Patriot gear set and bonus 6/6

Red, White, and Blue
Every enemy you damage over a certain amount gets a debuff. The first gets Red, the second White, the third Blue.

  • Red debuff decreases damage dealt by the target.
  • White debuff restores armor per bullet to players that shot the target.
  • Blue debuff grants an amount of skill haste when hit.

Full Flag
Shooting an Enemy with all three colors of debuffs will also damage other nearby enemies with all three colors on them.

This appears to be a very specialised The Division 2 gear set, and will increase your team’s effectiveness against tanks tenfold. Judging by how these buffs are applied, it looks like you’ll want to use them against enemies who won’t go down without a fight. As each debuff makes this gear set stronger, you want the enemies your fighting to stick around for a while so you can reap the full rewards.

The player with the full True Patriot gear set only needs to worry about targeting the largest and toughest enemies in the room to spread the debuffs around as much as possible, making this a great gear set for a sniper or support Agent build. Of course it all depends on just how much damage you need to add each debuff to an enemy – if we’re talking a couple of bullets then targeting tanks over standard enemies really won’t make much of a difference.

How do The Division 2 gear sets work?

Much like brand sets, gear sets are pieces of armour and equipment that share a manufacturer, and when you have enough pieces of a set equipped you’ll get a special gear set bonus to help you in combat.

At the moment we don’t exactly how gear sets will work and how many gear pieces you will need to activate all of the bonuses of a set. With the addition of brand sets to The Division 2, which introduce players to the thrills of theorycrafting and offer small bonuses at lower levels, it seems logical that gear sets will be much more specialised. The True Patriots example is a full set, so we can’t say if any of its debuffs are offered with fewer pieces of gear equipped.

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The first Division had gear sets that activated bonuses as soon as you had two items of the same set equipped simultaneously, which suggests gears sets in the sequel will simply overtake brand sets. After all, the in-game description of the True Patriot set lists it as a brand set, so perhaps they are the same thing separated only by a player’s progress through the game.

How many gear sets will there be?

We won’t know this until we’re a good way through The Division 2, but the first game features 14 gear sets and we currently know of three gear sets in this one. That gives us a rough idea of how tough it will be to get a full set and how much stat variation there will be.