Elder Scrolls 6 isn’t here, paint happy accidents in Morrowind instead

While we all await news on Bethesda's upcoming Elder Scrolls entry, we can channel our inner Bob Ross in Morrowind with this mod instead.

Bob Ross with his large palette of paint standing in front of Morrowind

Morrowind is one of those RPG games that has an eternal imprint on my heart. After watching my dad play it for hours and then playing myself and becoming lost in its ethereal setting, I would happily say Morrowind is my favorite entry in Bethesda’s iconic series. While The Elder Scrolls 6 may come along and change that, for now, I will continue traversing Vvardenfell. Not only can I do that, but I can also do a bit of role-playing as Bob Ross between Silt Strider joyrides thanks to this new painting mod.

Joy of Painting is a brand-new mod created for Morrowind that allows you to, well, paint. The creator describes it as adding “a feature-rich painting mechanic to Morrowind, letting you create sketches, oil and watercolor paintings, and charcoal drawings.” The coolest thing about the art you create is that it does not just exist in-game. Each drawing or painting is saved as a high-resolution image on your PC, meaning that you can upload or use them elsewhere.

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From portraits to landscapes, create to your heart’s content by making use of the beauty that Morrowind has to offer. Similar to systems in games like The Sims, the art you make with Joy of Painting will change depending on your skill. If you get to 100, you’ll be rivaled only by the likes of Bob Ross himself.

Because the different skill levels result in art spanning different genres, players are even requesting the creator adds a system in that allows you to set your own value and paint as you wish. The mod’s maker confirmed that it’s definitely planned for a future update, stating, “I’ll add it once I’m able to do the skill effect in a shader rather than in image magic.”

A painting of a boat on a dock sits facing an actual boat in the water of Morrowind

There truly is no better way to unwind while waiting for more news on The Elder Scrolls 6 release date. If you want to try your own artsy hand at sketching in Morrowind, be sure to grab the mod for free here. Just be sure to remember, there are no mistakes. There are just happy little accidents.

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