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This massive Morrowind mod shares its brilliant behind-the-scenes art

Looking back on the year, the Tamriel Rebuilt Morrowind modding team has shared the amazing art that's helped bring the project to life.

A man standing behind an elborate desk, with a magical book in front of him. Various eerie lights are around the room.

Tamriel Rebuilt is a massive fan mod for The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind that aims to add the whole of Tamriel to the game. To celebrate all that they’ve accomplished this year, the mod team has released a gorgeous treasure trove of Elder Scrolls art.

Tamriel Rebuilt is a huge undertaking, there’s no doubt there. But the team behind this The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind mod has already accomplished so much.

Their free Andaram expansion, released just a month ago, features 600 quests, more than the base RPG. And this is from a team of unpaid volunteers, with assistance from the general community. Team TR has plenty to celebrate as do the many fans who, twenty years after its release, are still playing Morrowind.

So to mark the end of 2023, they’ve shared a year’s worth of concept art and in-game assets. These range from in-game textures through to breathtakingly detailed art, used to inform the mod’s development.

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However, some of the art, however, has yet to be seen in game, serving as a taste of things to come. After Andaram, the team is turning northward towards the Velothi Mountains, which bordered The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

There’s also some tantalising art of Sotha Sil, the clockwork city that Morrowind players only got the briefest of looks at. I have my fingers crossed that’ll be arriving in Tamriel Rebuilt, instead of being inconveniently blocked off, as was the case with Morrowind.

Art of a golden city, with clockwork devices and pipes around.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg, there’s a wealth of art to pore over, visions of how Tamriel’s remaining provinces should look. If you’re an Elder Scrolls fan or just want an understand of the work that goes into a mod of this size, feast your eyes on the Tamriel Rebuilt art and assets update. You can download the mod, which is in a playable state, from that same site.

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