Skyrim mods to overhaul Daedric princes and shrines in Bethesda RPG

A new set of Skyrim mods promise to overhaul the Daedric prince shrines in the Bethesda RPG, with quests, extra relics and artefacts, and more

Skyrim mods to overhaul Daedric princes and shrines in Bethesda RPG

Even after a decade, Skyrim mods for the flagship Bethesda RPG game never stop. We’ve recently seen a Skyrim mage city mod that adds around 100 NPCs to the fantasy game, and another that lets you trade your dragonslaying for a 9 to 5 desk job. Modder NicoleMods has even got in on the fun, as they’re working towards a complete overhaul of the Daedric princes’ influence on the land via changes to shrines, realm changes, and additional artefacts.

Two (Daedric) princes mods have been uploaded by NicoleMods in quick succession, both of which add in creation club-style quests for specific locations, and new relics and artefacts too. NicoleMods does add that these are a work in progress and “nowhere near complete”, but the community effort looks like it’ll pay off down the line and introduce some expansive Daedric princes content.

At present it looks like there are two mods, “Boethiah and Fa-Nuit-Hen’s Realm of Maelstrom” and “Azura and Their Realm of Moonshadow,” both of which overhaul their respective shrines and add a creation club-style question for Maelstrom and Moonshadow respectively.

The artefacts and relics added in the Moonshadow mod are Moonlight Blade, Ring of Azura, Ringlets of Alandro Sul, Wraith Mail, Sunnarah, Seht’s Affect Inducer, Wraithguard II, Keening II, Sunder II, and the Mechanical Heart. The Maelstrom mod adds Almalexia’s Enchanted Lantern, Tablet of Absolute Blackness, and Duplici Gladio.

While these mods are likely some time off from being complete, they should certainly be added to your lists of game-changing ideas. Player response indicates that some of the content is already in place, but I’d expect updates further down the line that fully flesh these Daedric princes overhauls as well.

In fact the Moonshadow Skyrim mod also “adds a new dungeon and a portion of [Azura’s] realm” too, which is just another great bit of world building for Skyrim. If you’re interested, you can find both of these mods, and any more that get uploaded, on NicoleMod’s Nexus Mods page.

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