A Skyrim multiplayer mod dev says that the team “don’t really control” the release date

Developer Pokanggg says outside responsibilities have gotten in the way, but that progress is coming back to a "more normal pace."

Skyrim Together

One of the developers behind Skyrim Together, a fan-funded project to introduce multiplayer to Skyrim, has explained in a new Reddit post that the team “doesn’t really control” when the release date is.

In a “Very quick update post” to the mod’s subreddit, Skyrim Together developer Pokanggg reassured readers that “we are still working on the mod,” but that some of the developers have not been available much or at all recently due to being busy with other commitments. However, “progress should be coming back at a more normal pace now, from what I know.”

One commenter asked if the team could provide an “ETA or even a solid guess” on when another open beta or a release was on the way.

“No sorry, we can’t do that, it all depends on a number of variables most of which we don’t really control,” Pokanggg responded.

“We’re all students or have day jobs, and most of the mod needs a lot of reverse engineering into Skyrim itself,” Pokanggg explained further down in the thread. “I don’t work on that part of the mod but reverse engineering is very time consuming, and it makes the mod as a whole fairly unstable, we never know which bugfixing will take a lot of time or will not, it’s very unpredictable.”

Pokanggg may be trying to mend fences with the community after fellow developer Maxgriot’s somewhat bitter comments earlier this month about the team considering “giving up” on the Skyrim Together project due to toxicity in the community.

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The Skyrim Together Patreon is still pulling in more than $18,000 USD (about £14,000) monthly, and some patrons have chafed at Maxgriot’s comments, which included statements like “we don’t owe the community anything.”

Pokanggg has taken a decidedly more conciliatory tone, explaining that jobs and student responsibilities have made additional demands on the team’s time, and that they had not anticipated the number of crashes they’ve had to address since January.