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Destruction is a blast, but The Finals’ silliest weapon is even better

The Finals' heavy weapons and semi-destructible levels are great, but don't underestimate the power of the admittedly silly Goo Gun.

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The Finals is proving to be extremely popular, with its gameshow style and semi-destructable levels. But while blowing things up is cool, especially if you walk away from the explosion, the game’s Goo Gun is not to be overlooked.

Multiplayer FPS game The Finals is a success, in the short term at least. It hit ten million players less than two weeks after its release and developer Embark Studios is no doubt hoping it’ll go the distance. It helps that levels are semi-destructable which, as the Red Faction series demonstrates, is always a blast.

But one of the best The Finals weapons isn’t for blasting holes in things, quite the opposite. As players are discovering, sometimes to their cost, the goo gun is just brilliant, especially if you want to troll the heck out of an opponent.

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The Goo Gun fires balls of rapidly expanding foam, which might sound familiar to anyone who’s played Prey. That game’s Gloo Cannon had a similar effect and other sci-fi properties, Judge Dredd included, have equipped their characters with rapidly-hardening riot foam.

In the case of The Finals, it can be used to obstruct players, passageways and more. Has someone just blasted a hole in a wall, thinking they can get the drop on you? If you’re playing as a heavy class, whip out the Goo Gun and fill it right up.

But, as spotted by Dexerto, you can go all out and really, really annoy players with it. One Reddit user showed off their God-tier trolling as they used the Goo Gun to frustrate then annihilate a player.

My new favorite hobby is toying with people using the Goo Gun
byu/IN_MY_PLUMS inthefinals

They start off by using the Goo Gun to trap someone in the corner. The frustrated player blasted their way out of the goo, just in time for ‘In My Plums’ to re-goo them (insert your own rude joke here). Finally, after several gooings, Plums annihilated them with a hammer.

Replying to the thread, other players praised the Goo Gun’s versatility. “We actually ran goo gun/flamethrower last night on just one teammate and made awful cocoons for the cash boxes. Most people didn’t know what to do and we won the whole tourney,” remarked another.

As a multiplayer FPS, Embark Studios regularly reassess the game and if they find that a particular weapon gives players too much of an edge you can bet they’ll rebalance it. But for now, goo is good. If you’re playing and need a hand, though, here are the best The Finals classes and the best The Finals crosshairs.

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