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Underrated FPS The Finals has a new Siege-inspired game mode

Terminal Attack is a new 5v5 mode that pits a team of defenders against a team trying to complete the upload, with no heals or revives.

There’s a brand-new patch out now for The Finals that makes some key changes to gadgets, maps, and weapons, but the headline addition is a new, more tactical way to play. In Terminal Attack, teams of five face off in a more Rainbow Six Siege kind of encounter without healing or revives. Gadgets don’t recharge, and you’ve got one life – so make it count.

The Finals is a free-to-play FPS game that leans heavily into chaos and environmental destruction, and so Terminal Attack is a chance to change up the pace. Since everyone has only one life, it’s crucial to plan ahead and pick firefights carefully. In each round, attackers must complete the upload by any means possible, and it’s the defending team’s job to prevent that from happening.

If you check out the gameplay teaser video below, you can see that it looks basically like a cyberpunk version of Siege:

YouTube Thumbnail

Terminal Attack is best-of-seven, and anything you destroy in one round will carry over into subsequent rounds – offering even more opportunities for tactical planning. The mode is available for the SYSHorizon, Monaco, and Las Vegas arenas, and you can earn event cosmetics themed on the CNS rogue hacking collective and VAIYA security forces.

The patch makes some noteworthy changes to several gadgets and weapons. Barricades are now 20% larger, and the glitch grenade’s glitch effect can now pass through mesh shields and dome shields. The stun gun’s projectiles will travel farther (16 meters, up from 12), but stunned players can now use specializations and gadgets, and crouch, while they’re stunned. The developers say this is meant to make the stun a bit less of a death sentence – stunned players will still be disrupted and slowed down, and they won’t be able to jump or vault, but they’ll have a fighting chance to stay in the game.

The full patch notes are available on Steam. For some tips, check out our guide to The Finals weapons, or our breakdown of the best The Finals build for light, medium, and heavy loadouts.

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