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The First Descendant finally has a launch date, and it’s soon

The First Descendant launch date is fixed for the sci-fi looter shooter from Nexon Games, which is set to release as a free game on Steam.

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If you’ve been looking for a new multiplayer looter shooter to pass the wait for Borderlands 4, or fancy a change from the likes of Destiny 2, we finally have confirmation of The First Descendant launch date. The sci-fi co-op game reveals its release plans during Summer Game Fest 2024, bringing its blend of Mass Effect space adventure and Diablo gear grinding to Steam as a free game.

We’ve been waiting a long time to discover The First Descendant release date. Originally slated for a 2023 launch, developer Nexon Games pushed back the loot-driven co-op game after its initial round of beta testing to work on additional improvements, tweaks, and new features. Now, with all those implemented and following its recent final beta test, The First Descendant is set to arrive on Steam at the start of July.

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Among the changes made are an overhaul to the design of the open-world game to help focus on tighter co-op gameplay. In addition to this, Nexon Games has introduced a set of Instance Dungeons for the endgame, where you can scale up the challenge as your gear and skills improve, with the highest levels of difficulty allowing you to target farm for specific gear rewards.

The free PC game packs in plenty of characters to choose between, each with their own set of skills to bring to the battlefield. You’ll unlock these through playing in a fashion similar to Warframe, where you can collect resources to get additional characters or gear. It also features some rather satisfying additional abilities such as a physics-driven grappling hook to allow you to quickly zip around the environment.

The First Descendant will release on Steam Tuesday July 2 as a free game. You can head to the Steam page now to wishlist it if you want a notification when it launches.

If you’re planning to play on launch day, be sure to browse The First Descendant system requirements to make sure your PC is up to the task. Then learn how to unlock The First Descendant characters so you can build your roster up quickly.

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