The Sims 4 infant update heads EA’s family-led 2023 teaser

EA’s The Sims 4 infant update is part of a tantalising tease at what’s to come in 2023 for the life game, with hints at a possible new world named San Sequoia

The Sims 4 infant update - a child with braided hair looks up thoughtfully

EA gives us a fresh tease of its The Sims 4 infant update in a new video showing a sneak peek at what players of the most well-known life game on PC can expect in the coming months. The brief glimpse already has fans in a frenzy dissecting what each aspect of the teaser could indicate, with a suggestion of a potential new world as EA promises “one big update, two unique kits, and one expansion pack.”

It looks like we’re in for a series of family-driven updates; the first clue being EA’s tweet, which opens with the line, “Get familiar with The Sims this season!” While it might not be the initially obvious reading, it seems quite likely that ‘familiar’ is a very deliberate word choice – there’s already been much talk previously about the idea of a Sims 4 Generations expansion pack being a likely contender, following the already-announced infant update.

During a Behind The Sims livestream in October where EA unveiled it is working on Project Rene, a community-driven early access project aimed at building the future of the series towards a possible Sims 5, the team also revealed that infants are coming to The Sims 4. This will provide more of a stopgap between the baby and toddler life stages. So far, we’ve only been given an “early 2023” release date for this – but that happens to be right where we’re at now.

Along with the other news, the tweet promises a community stream on January 31, where we’ll hopefully get to see some of these new updates in action. The video also concludes with the phrase “It’s all relative” (once again emphasising the family aspect), and lists “The Michaelson Reunion – San Sequoia 2023.”

Fans on Twitter and the Sims 4 Reddit are mostly in agreement that San Sequoia is likely to be the name of a new world, though there’s some debate as to what its inspiration will be. San Francisco seems like an obvious pull, given the Golden Gate Bridge style iconography and the fact Sequoias are found along the coast of northern California, although San Myshuno already fills that role somewhat. Another fun suggestion from fans is Boston, given that the bridge in the tweet somewhat resembles Boston’s Zakim Bridge and ‘It’s All Relative’ is also the name of an American sitcom set in Boston.

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