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The Sims 4 drops new curly hairstyle, free to download now

EA just revealed a brand-new curly hairstyle for The Sims 4, and it's a 100% free download as one of the game's Sims Delivery Express items.

The Sims 4 new free download: A woman with short curly turquoise hair and red lipstick stares ahead, an aurora-like background of pastel colors behind her

The Sims 4 has me excited in more ways than one. With For Rent, EA’s latest expansion pack, currently in the works, and recent news of the series’ future, there’s no shortage of content to look forward to as a Sims stan. Some of the more regular free releases I look forward to as a Simmer are the Sims Delivery Express items. Whether it be a fun CAS addition or new buy mode objects, I appreciate the free drops. The game’s most recent free item is an adorable curly hairstyle.

It’s no secret that The Sims 4 can feel a bit bland at times when it comes to its selection of clothing and hairstyles. While expansions and packs do help, it can feel as though custom content does most of the heavy lifting. Thankfully, EA has been releasing a hefty stream of such items recently for free in the form of its Sims Delivery Express drops, and the latest is a fun curly hairdo packing plenty of personality.

Curly hair can feel underrepresented in-game, and I’m really happy to see more diverse, textured options dropping for free outside of paid DLC. The new style is a bob-like curly do in various shades, including some stunning unnatural colors. Just look at that soft turquoise ombré, y’all. The curls fit so well on every shape and size of Sims shown, too.

The new hairstyle arrives just in time for the upcoming The Sims 4 expansion, and it’s a wonderful way to express a household member’s personality. For Rent has a mind-boggling lot limit of 48 people, which means that we should take any unique items we can get. How am I going to handle taking care of that many Sims, let alone sorting through them properly in the first place? The more in-game hair options, the merrier!

While you wait to check the hairstyle out for yourself, you can add some more free flair to your base game with a few of our favorite Sims 4 mods. Alternatively, you can browse through some even spicier downloads with our roundup of the most risqué Sims 4 sex mods out there. There’s a lot more to the adult modding world than just Wicked Whims, after all.

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