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The Sims 4 sees 568 million Sims made in 2023, topping US population

EA reveals some monumental Sims 4 stats from 2023, showing what TS4 players have spent their two billion collective hours in-game doing.

The Sims 4 has undoubtedly had an exciting year, with multiple big expansions dropping such as Horse Ranch and more recently, For Rent. As 2023 comes to a close, EA is looking back at what we Simmers have been up to in-game. From time spent playing TS4 to the sheer amount of WooHoos initiated, and infant Sims delivered to deaths, we have various fun stats to observe thanks to the developer’s new wrap-up.

I love The Sims 4, and I certainly contributed a good few hours of my own time to the life game‘s player stats this year. To start, EA says that we’ve all collectively spent a whopping 1.8 billion hours in-game in 2023. That’s a mind-boggling number on its own, but the nitty-gritty details have me even more shook. Around 260 million of those almost 2 billion hours were clocked in the game’s Build and Buy Mode.

Honestly, that’s where I spend most of my time in The Sims, aside from the countless hours I put into creating my families. Speaking of which, altogether we have made 568 million Sims this year. The United States of America has around 330 million people, so we’ve actually crafted a whole country’s worth of Sims. Unfortunately, 23 million of those Sims died in 2023.

I’d say you win some, you lose some, but we all know how fun Sim deaths can be. I mean, what other game lets you experience death by hamster? To help counter some of the more untimely deaths though, our Sims did give birth to 43 million babies in 2023. That’s almost double the amount of deaths, so the ever-valuable doctor Sims were definitely busier this year than the iconic Grim Reaper.

An infographic showing 2024 milestones for EA's The Sims

Speaking of busy Sims, EA reveals that our virtual dolls WooHoo’d about 345 million times. That’s a lot of action, and it’s sure to make Sims a bit hungry. Apparently, this year’s top recipes used to sate that inevitable hunger include Eggs & Toast, Mac & Cheese, and the humble Ham & Cheese Sandwich. I’d be lying if I said that I didn’t cycle through these three myself mostly.

In terms of community interaction, the in-game gallery saw 12 million creative uploads and a staggering 277 million downloads. I probably single-handedly contributed to a chunk of those downloads, considering how talented other Simmers have been with their households, houses, and public lots, too. All it takes for me is a few Sims 4 cheats (thanks, motherlode) and I’m immediately in the gallery searching for builds.

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